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Top Android Security Apps to Enhance Your Mobile Phone Security

Top Android Security Apps to Enhance Your Mobile Phone Security

Having a good antivirus solution does not mean that it provides a foolproof security to your Android phones. There are other parameters which require equal attention when it comes to enhancing your mobile device’s security. This includes ensuring data privacy and security, restricting permission to snoopy apps, blacklisting the undesired calls, having an excellent backup capability and using a reliable encryption facility.

Keeping these features in mind, the Google Play Store has a plethora of Android security apps that a user can choose to fulfill his/her specific or all security needs. But, sometimes it can become meshy if a wrong security tool is selected.

Along with the authentic Android security apps, the Play Store comes packed with a few security solutions which are actually malware masquerading as apps. These apps are likely to attract the users easily, compelling them to install on their smartphones without any hassle. But, a smart choice can help you stay safe from such fake Android security tools. Here’s a look at the top six highly-reliable apps that can boost the security of your smartphones.

TextSecure Private Messenger: Using a secured channel for communication is what every one of us wishes and to meet these need, there are a vast number if secured messaging apps in Play Store. But, the problem lies in the encryption technique used by these Android security apps as they can result in the leak of a message during the transit. Thus, TextSecure breaks down this barrier by providing an extra layer of security. This Android apps APK can be downloaded by parties -- both at the sending and receiving ends-- to experience a seamless conversation over phones.

RedPhone: Private Calls Another free Android security app in the list is the RedPhone: Private Calls that provides end-to-end encryption for your calls, thus securing your phone conversation from eavesdropping. Equipped with various Android security tools, this app enables a user to make and receive phone calls safely.

Cry4all Lite (AES): This is the popular Android encryption app that can be used to encrypt and decrypt files with 256 bit AES algorithm. Available easily on Play Store, the app is primarily used to encrypt sensitive files before shifting them to clouds services or storing on Android smartphones. Nobody can access or read your files until or unless they have been shared with the second person. This well-known Android encryption app has been developed keeping data privacy and security in mind.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor This app allows users to enjoy a hassle-free access to the internet, email and instant messaging without being threatened to be monitored or blocked by any stranger. These Android apps

APK are created in such a way that it connects the functionality and features of Tor directly with the Android OS. Users can use this free Android security app to enhance their online privacy.

AppLock: This all-in-one free Android security app protects your personal data to be accessed by anyone. The app can be used to lock your SMS, contacts, Gallery, Gmail, Facebook and calls from outsiders. A user downloading the app can use password, fingerprint lock or pattern to lock his/her data.

LastPass: Remembering passwords is indeed a tough job and it becomes more difficult when you are unable to recall while in the mid of an urgent work. Last is one of the most Android security apps that makes this whole process easy. It offers users to manage different accounts with different passwords by providing an extra layer of security.

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