We live in an era where internet has become a part of ubiquitous our life. From purchasing daily groceries to quickly transferring funds to a friend, everything can be done with the simply a click of a button.

But with the seemingly never ending hacks, scams, malware attacks and more, the internet is no longer a safe place. The recent proliferation of internet-connected appliances such as smart home devices has expanded the attack landscape and opened us up to even greater risk.

Still, many of these threats can be thwarted by anyone implementing basic cyber security tips and cyber hygiene. By following a few important cyber security awareness tips, we can greatly reduce our exposure to such attacks.

Here are some important internet safety tips to help you get started:

Choose robust passwords

A weak, easy-to-guess password such as ‘123456’ or ‘password’ can easily be exploited by hackers, giving them free reign into one’s account and containing data.

These passwords are not only easy to guess, but are repeatedly used by millions of people around the world across multiple services.

Every internet user must use a different strong and complex password for every online service or platform used to avoid falling victim to simple hacks. A unique password must contain a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters. This simple and effective cyber security tip, if implemented properly, can help individuals against unauthorized access into their accounts.

Click smart

Internet users often get lured by videos, images and alluring news that go viral online. This phenomena can often turn into a serious threat if users aren’t careful about what they click on. Often hackers uses such media and carefully created social-engineering techniques in phishing attacks to successful in harvesting personal data. As a basic internet safety tip, users are advised to be wary of such enticing videos, images and news. By resisting the urge to foolheartedly click on an unknown link, you could prevent the hackers from stealing your valuable information.

Ensure safe internet connection

Using free, public Wi-Fi to make an online transaction or conduct important work can easily lead in dire consequences. Hackers have come up with various sniffing techniques that could endanger your data and money.

Users should avoid using public Wi-Fi for confidential and sensitive matters. Instead, they should place their computers behind a VPN or connect them to a reliable hotspot for safe and happy browsing. Making sure the Wi-Fi you are connecting to is safe and secure not only protects you against unwanted intrusions or cyber threats, but it also provides your kids - who tend to be more careless when it comes to clicking on links - a greater layer of online safety.

Cyber safety tips for kids are also a must for anyone looking to protect themselves and their families against attacks.

Keep your antivirus software up-to-date

A strong, reliable security solution is one of the best computer security tips that everyone must follow to safeguard their devices against any unwanted threats and malicious programs. Apart from securing your systems against threats, antivirus software can also also detect and removes malware identified while browsing a website. They also provide a vital layer of security when browsing online and should be updated periodically.

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