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Warsaw Process Working Group Focuses on Promoting Stability in Cyberspace

Warsaw Process Working Group Focuses on Promoting Stability in Cyberspace
  • The Warsaw Process cybersecurity working group convened in Seoul from October 7 to 8.
  • This is a part of the efforts by the Warsaw Process to bring peace to the Middle East.

What is the Warsaw Process?

The Warsaw Process is an initiative launched by the United States and Poland in February 2019. It aims to promote peace, security, and stability in the Middle East. Various working groups will meet to tackle different priorities including cybersecurity, human rights, and energy security.

What is happening?

The Warsaw Process cybersecurity working group met in Seoul, South Korea on October 7-8.

  • Nearly 50 countries including Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom participated in the working group.
  • The Republic of Korea, Poland, and the United States co-chaired the discussions.
  • The discussions revolved around promoting cyberspace stability, preventing malicious cyber activity, combating cybercrime, and safeguarding critical infrastructure.

The working group statement

A statement was released after the conclusion of the meeting.

  • According to the statement, destabilizing activities are increasing across the world including the Middle East because of the availability of malware and opportunities to launch cyber attacks.
  • Cooperation among states is important to promote cybersecurity by making the best use of expertise from different countries across the world.
  • Cooperative mechanisms include sharing cybersecurity best practices, capacity building for cyber incident response, and implementing national cyber strategies among others.

“The Working Group will continue to work on practical steps, including procedures and tools for more effective cyber threat identification and information sharing as well as faster e-evidence collection and exchange to increase attribution and response potential in accordance with agreed UN framework,” reads the statement.

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