Cyber threat landscape has become complex with unprecedented threat diversity, volume, and velocity.


Hackers continuously innovate and improvise new attack patterns making it difficult for machines to detect.


Unaware employees, third-party vendors and contractors provide easy-to-penetrate attack surface resulting in breaches and loss of sensitive data.


Incident and Intelligence reporting does not occur in real-time
due to lack of effective delivery channels in mobile environment.

WHAT IS Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA)

How can a company leverage it to Secure Human Endpoints


Identification of key threat elements is pre-requisite for threat modeling. CSA allows you to identify apparent and oblivious threat vectors.


Understanding threat elements in cyberspace is quint-essential in gauging the gravity of threat and calculating cyber risk. CSA empowers you to meaningfully comprehend the scope and nature of threat elements.


After comprehension of threat elements, response is must. CSA channelizes your response by guiding with direction and making it more impactful and effective.


The multitude of threats and threat actors requires timely awareness and response. CSA is accelerated information that prepares you for nipping the threat in the bud.


An organization should be in a strategic position against Threat Actors. CSA enables you to launch pre-emptive cyber strikes or prepare counter strategy.


Awareness should be sharable to make it contagious. CSA can be readily shared with concerned person or position from different roles such as leadership, management, Operations Security or General Employees.

Incident Response (IR): How a company can build human sensors

It’s time for vulnerabilities to be managed at both the ends – technical and human and the employees take an additional charge of being eyes and ears for the organizational cyber security apparatus. Turn your employees into Human Sensors by giving them the right tool to report suspicious incidents in real-time, reducing the dwell detection time.

How mobile is changing CSA and IR

Scale, Speed, and Agility

Situational Awareness is a time-tested weapon and mobile devices have offered a direction. Dissemination of situational awareness over smartphones is emerging as the next-generation modus operandi for tackling cyber threats. A unique feature of synchronizing Situational Awareness and Incident Reporting over mobile devices is the increase in employee awareness and engagement with organizational security architecture.