Bringing to you - the power of Blockchain in cybersecurity

Blockchain is a highly promising technology and has recently gained immense popularity. Although blockchain is yet to be fully explored, the technology’s transparent and seamless nature makes it ideal for integration with the infosec community - something Cyware has capitalized on to optimize our clients’ security posture. Cyware is one of the first in the cybersecurity industry to use blockchain technology to maximize security solutions.

How Cyware uses Blockchain

We use a private blockchain network to share threat intelligence information and authenticate digital identities, offering clients the ability to manage their cyberspace. The Cyware Threat Intelligence Exchange (CTIX) platform also incorporates Blockchain as an added layer of security and identity verification.

At Cyware, we use an invite-only network and provide corporate administrators with the ability to limit accessibility of security authentication to authorized personnel only. This in turn enhances the security of all communications. Leveraging blockchain, Cyware offers clients the ability to take advantage of a smarter, faster and more secure network for threat intelligence sharing while also helping maintain data integrity.

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