Come hither, said the spider to the fly.

Threat detection is a key factor in maintaining robust cybersecurity. Honeypots are essential information systems whose value lies in tricking malicious entities into attempting access it. Honeypots’ unauthorized use allows security defenders ability to gather threat intelligence information, including IOCs, TTPs, vulnerabilities and more to develop innovative preventive and predictive security solutions.

Cyware is one of the few in the cybersecurity community to capitalize honeypots to study attackers’ behaviour and collect information about their digital footprints. Cyware’s research team leverages honeypots to analyze the threat landscape and help provide our clients with the ability to come up with not just defensive, but also, preventive security strategies.

How Cyware uses Honeypots

How Cyware uses honeypots - Cyware uses honeypots to collect real-time threat intelligence information. We also leverage honeypots to help create awareness about how vulnerable organizations’ networks are to a potential attack. Given that honeypots are designed to detect malicious activities, Cyware also uses them to alert clients about potential threats, ultimately helping in the prevention of attacks.

With Cyware Threat Intelligence Exchange (CTIX), we equip you with the tactical threat intelligence data, such as IOCs, TTPs, malware and vulnerabilities, collected via multiple sources including honeypots. This, in turn, provides our clients with exclusive, reliable and verified threat intelligence, boosting their intelligence collection and sharing capabilities. CTIX also provides threat intel from a plethora of external honeypot sources including sticky, IoT, SSH, SCADA and Spamtrap honeypots.

By leveraging honeypots, CTIX’s verified threat intelligence feeds rarely provide false positives, reducing noise. It also ensures that clients can detect malicious actions way ahead of conventional detection methods. Unlike other defensive security mechanisms, honeypots capture small volume but, high quality data. Cyware’s clients are equipped with such accurate and reliable data, provided by CTIX to enhance our clients’ operational efficiency by manifolds.

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