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US Federal Government Creates Cybersecurity Incident Review Board

The Department of Homeland Security has announced a new Cyber Safety Review Board bringing together cybersecurity experts from public and private organizations to “review and assess significant cybersecurity events.”

Jenkins discloses attack on its Atlassian Confluence service

Attackers abused an Open Graph Navigation Library (OGNL) injection flaw – the same vulnerability type involved in the notorious 2017 Equifax hack – capable of leading to remote code execution (RCE) in Confluence Server and Data Center instances.

Russian publication Yandex says it is experiencing a “record scale” DDoS attack

Russian internet giant Yandex has been targeted in a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that started last week and it reportedly continues this week. Russian media called the assault the largest in the history of Russian internet.

Irish Gardai clamp down on cyber gang that attacked HSE

Gardaí have seized the cyberinfrastructure used by the cyber gang involved in the HSE cyber attack earlier this year. The operation is believed to have prevented more than 750 ransomware attacks, the Irish Times has reported.

Why you should never pay for ransomware

Giving money to these cybercriminals only perpetuates the behavior; after all, it shows them that this is a profitable way to behave by giving them exactly what they want.

Ransomware is a societal problem requiring societal solutions

Not only do attackers stand to make a huge payday in the order of hundreds of thousands or even millions for a single attack, they also face very little risk or friction in perpetrating these crimes.

NHS COVID passes targeted by scammers

The CEO of Egress has warned that COVID passport phishing emails are circulating – and directed users to fake NHS websites. These passes allow people to show their vaccination details or test results, and are considered an official COVID-19 status.

University of Hertfordshire hit by cyberattack

The University of Hertfordshire was targetted by a cyberattack which resulted in the universities entire IT network being taken down, as well as all access to cloud-based services being blocked.

Cyber-attacks have potential to spark armed conflict

The study, conducted by Mike McGuire a senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Surrey, reveals that the world is coming increasingly close to nation-state retaliating against cyber-attacks with violence.

How can we keep our information off the dark web?

The move to remote working blurred the lines between our personal and professional lives, while the methods used by hackers are always becoming more sophisticated as they adapt to evolving cyberspace.

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