Cyberattack Impacts City of Dunedin's Email, Permit Payments, Utility Billing, and Inspection Scheduling

Dunedin's water and wastewater facilities are secure, and city phones are working. However, city email, online payments for permits, inspection scheduling, utility billing, and Parks & Recreation programs, and Marina fees are all not working.

APT Groups Target U.S. Government Agencies with CovalentStealer

APT Groups Target U.S. Government Agencies with CovalentStealer - Cybersecurity news - Breaches and Incidents
The U.S. government alerted against state-backed hackers using the custom CovalentStealer malware and Impacket framework to steal confidential information from a Defense Industrial Base organization. To gain initial access through the victim’s network, the attackers attempted to exploit ProxyLogon ... Read More

Comm100 Live Chat Software Hijacked to Spread Backdoor

Comm100 Live Chat Software Hijacked to Spread Backdoor - Cybersecurity news - Breaches and Incidents
Cyber adversaries hijacked the installer for commercial chat provider Comm100 to propagate a trojan malware via its Windows Desktop agent software. With moderate confidence, Crowdstrike researchers have attributed the attack to China-based threat actors based on the presence of Chinese-language com ... Read More

Hacker Steals Over $570 Million from Cross-Chain Binance Bridge

Despite the huge potential value of the heist, it appears that the threat actor only managed to move a fifth or less of those funds off the BNB Smart Chain, thanks to the work of the crypto community.

Backdoored Version of Popular Network Admin Tool Hits 80 Organizations Worldwide

A false version of a popular tool used by network administrators to manage local area networks provides an attacker with backdoor access and has impacted at least 80 organizations around the world, according to new research from Kaspersky.

Blizzard's Overwatch 2 Game Faces Massive Wave of DDoS Attacks Disrupting Online Gameplay

Even players who managed to get into the servers had problems, including getting dropped from matches and other kinds of launch-day instability that made playing challenging if not impossible.

Family Medical informs 234K patients of possible data compromise

Family Medical Center Services recently informed 233,948 patients that their data was potentially compromised after a “network data security incident” on July 26. FMC is a network of 75 primary care clinics in Amarillo and Canyon, Texas.

Lloyd's of London investigates possible cyber attack

"Lloyd’s has detected unusual activity on its network and we are investigating the issue," a Lloyd's spokesperson said by email, adding that the market was resetting the network.

Hacktivists Behind “Egypt Leaks” are Leaking Financial Data from Multiple Banks

The bad actors go under the campaign “EG Leaks” (also known as “Egypt Leaks”), they started leaking large volumes of compromised payment data belonging to the customers of major Egyptian banks on the dark web.

City of Tucson Discloses Data Breach Affecting Over 125,000 People

As revealed in a notice of data breach sent to affected people, an attacker breached the city's network and exfiltrated an undisclosed number of files containing sensitive information.

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