Facebook Postpones Plans for E2E Encryption in Messenger, Instagram Until 2023

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, disclosed that it doesn't intend to roll out default E2EE across all its messaging services until 2023, pushing its plans by a year.

Protecting your device information with Private Set Membership

Private Set Membership considers the scenario in which Google holds a database of items, and user devices need to contact Google to check whether a specific item is found in the database.

Ofcom Call-Blocking Plan Could Save Consumers Millions

A plan by the UK telecoms regulator to block scam calls from abroad could save consumers nearly £10m annually in money lost to phone fraudsters, according to a new study from Comparitech.

Google launches Android Enterprise bug bounty program

Google announced the launch of its first bug bounty program for Android Enterprise with rewards of up to $250,000. This builds on the introduction of several security enhancements in Android 12.
October 15, 2021

WhatsApp starts slowly rolling out encrypted backups

WhatsApp has said it is starting to slowly roll out the encrypted backups feature it detailed in September. Users will have a choice for how the encryption key used is stored.

Telegram Bots Used in Latest Campaigns to Steal OTPs

Telegram Bots Used in Latest Campaigns to Steal OTPs - Cybersecurity news - Mobile Security
The bots are used to automatically call targets as a part of a phishing scam and lure them to giving up their OTP codes. Other bots are targeting social media users in SIM swapping and phishing attempts.  

Apple Points to Android Malware Infections in Argument Against Sideloading on iOS

Apple on Wednesday published a 30-page threat analysis report in an effort to show why allowing sideloading on iOS would pose serious privacy and security risks to iPhone users.

Google pulls ‘stalkerware’ ads that promoted phone spying apps

The rise in the use of so-called “stalkerware” prompted an industrywide response in recent years to combat the spread of phone monitoring apps. Now, Google has also taken steps to curb the threat.

Android Phones Sharing Significant User Data Without Opt-Outs

Android mobile phones are undertaking significant data sharing without offering opt-outs for users, according to a new report by researchers at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh.

German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) investigates Chinese mobile phones

The decision of the BSI comes after the Lithuanian cyber defense published a report claiming that some mobile phones by Xiaomi and Huawei revealed an undocumented behavior by the Chinese vendors.

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