Cybersecurity Webinar

Counting the Costs of Cybercrime in Australia in 2021

This presentation provides an estimate of the cost of cybercrime in Australia in 2021. It focuses on ‘pure’ cybercrimes that involve unauthorised access to networks (hacking), modification of data and impairment of systems and des ... see more

The Phish is in the Mail (Virtual)

Email continues to be a top vector of attack, with phishing and business email compromise (BEC) scams among the top payloads of email-based attacks. Email was designed to be open and accessible, which, unfortunately opens the door ... see more

Minimizing third party risk through effective identification, categorization, assessment and monitoring

With that in mind, Cyber Security Digital Summit: Third Party Risk Management APAC 2022 will be focused on: Identification: ensuring you are aware of all the third parties risks you are exposed to through effective asset discove ... see more

Improving the speed of detection and response through threat intelligence, enhanced network visibility and automation

With that in mind, CS Summit: Detection and Response 2022 will be focused on: Threat correlation and prioritization: cutting through the noise of threat alerts to focus on the most important Enhanced network visibility: monitorin ... see more
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