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New Stealth Phishing Campaign Targets Financial Organizations

New Stealth Phishing Campaign Targets Financial Organizations - Cybersecurity news
Morphisec Labs unearthed a new MirrorBlast campaign aimed at financial services across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Hong Kong, and others. The campaign has an uncanny resemblance to the Russia-based TA505 group. Organizations must protect themselves with adequate protection solutions, such as anti-phi ... Read More

PoC Exploit that Bypass macOS Security is Out and Being Exploited

PoC Exploit that Bypass macOS Security is Out and Being Exploited - Cybersecurity news
Experts found a PoC exploit for a macOS Gatekeeper bypass flaw that was being exploited in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2021-1810, t he vulnerability exploits the way in which Archive Utility handles file paths in MacOS systems. If any malware bypass this, it could be a massive compromise for a targete ... Read More

Researchers Break Intel SGX With New 'SmashEx' CPU Attack Technique

A newly disclosed flaw affecting Intel processors could be abused by an adversary to gain access to sensitive information stored within enclaves and even run arbitrary code on vulnerable systems.

About 26% of all malicious JavaScript threats are obfuscated

A research that analyzed over 10,000 samples of diverse malicious software written in JavaScript concluded that roughly 26% of it is obfuscated to evade detection and analysis.

South Africa cracks down on online dating scam

South African law enforcement agencies on Tuesday arrested eight foreign nationals in Cape Town for allegedly stealing US$6.9 million through an online dating scam, the police said.

North American Dental Management Suffers Breach After Falling Victim to Phishing Attack

A cybercriminal used a phishing attack to gain access to the computer systems of North American Dental Management between March 31 and April 1, 2021, likely exposing the data of thousands of patients.

Missouri Budget Officials Outline $50M Cost of Data Breach

Help for roughly 100,000 teachers whose Social Security numbers were made vulnerable in a massive state data breach could cost Missouri as much as $50 million, the governor’s office confirmed Tuesday.

Cybercriminals Trade Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Records and Passports

According to research by Intel 471, the vaccine trade is still strong, but numerous cybercriminals are now also offering fake COVID-19 vaccine certifications focused on US and EU entry requirements.

Zerodium wants zero-day exploits for Windows VPN clients

In a short tweet today, exploit broker Zerodium said that it is looking to acquire zero-day exploits for vulnerabilities in three popular virtual private network (VPN) service providers on the market.

Private Phone Data of Hundreds of Thousands of People at Risk of Exposure

Call records, text messages, photos, browsing history, precise geolocations, and call recordings can all be pulled from a person’s phone because of a security issue in a widely used mobile spyware.

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