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Thieflock and Yanluowang Ransomware Share Same Genes

Thieflock and Yanluowang Ransomware Share Same Genes - Cybersecurity news
Symantec has reported a link between Thieflock and Yanluowang ransomware operations. The latter recently picked up its pace to target financial companies in the U.S. Researchers believe that the attackers are highly attack-oriented because the ransomware behavior hasn’t altered since its discovery ... Read More

FBI: Cuba ransomware group hit 49 critical infrastructure organizations

The FBI has released a new notice about the Cuba ransomware, explaining that the group has attacked "49 entities in five critical infrastructure sectors" and made at least $43.9 million in ransom payments.

Researchers Detail How Pakistani Hackers Targeting Indian and Afghan Governments

A Pakistani threat actor successfully socially engineered a number of ministries in Afghanistan and a shared government computer in India to steal sensitive Google, Twitter, and Facebook credentials from its targets.

Determined APT is exploiting ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus vulnerability

An APT group is leveraging a critical vulnerability (CVE-2021-44077) in Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to compromise organizations in a variety of sectors, including defense and tech.

Hackers steal $120m from Badger Defi and $30m from MonoX

Two DeFi projects BadgerDAO and MonoX are the latest victims of security breaches in which hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers.

Hackers Steal $120 Million from Badger DeFi Platform

Hackers have stolen an estimated $120 million worth of Bitcoin and Ether assets from Badger, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to borrow, loan, and speculate on cryptocurrency price variations.

Now Anyone can Phish with Phishing Kits

Now Anyone can Phish with Phishing Kits - Cybersecurity news
Phishing kits enable non-technical criminals to readily leverage new techniques. These kits contain a set of tools that allow wannabe criminals to build and launch their own phishing campaigns.

Critical Flaw in NSS Cryptographic Library Affects Several Popular Applications

The security defect may also impact applications that employ NSS for validating certificates, or for additional CRL, OCSP, TLS, or X.509 functionality, depending on how NSS is configured.

Security Analytics Startup Panther Labs Scores $120M Investment

Panther Labs, an early-stage startup that specializes in detection and response analytics, has raised $120 million in a new Series B round of funding led by Coatue Management.

Flubot Targets Android Users in Finland Again

Flubot Targets Android Users in Finland Again - Cybersecurity news
The latest FluBot malspam campaign targeting Finland uses a voicemail lure, urging the targets to open a link that would enable them to access a voicemail message or a message from the mobile operator.

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