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Cyware Daily Threat Intelligence January 9, 2018

Cyware Daily Threat Intelligence January 9, 2018

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Top Breaches Reported in Last 24 Hours

DiscountMugs data breach 
DiscountMugs[.]com, a large online custom mug and apparel store, has suffered a data breach, resulting in the compromise of credit and debit card details of customers. Formjacking attack method was used to conduct the breach which went on for a period of four months last year. Customers who shopped on the website between August 5 and November 16, 2018, are believed to be affected by the hack. Attackers stole credit card numbers, security code and expiration dates, as well as PIIs like names, addresses, phone numbers, and ZIP codes in the data breach.

Bridgeport school attacked
Computers at Bridgeport school district were infected in a ransomware attack that occurred last weekend. While there is no evidence of any data theft, it is found that some district data was held for ransom after encrypting it with a virus. The attack did not affect PowerSchool, the system used to store student information. The data affected in the attack are mainly lesson plans and teaching materials. District employees are told to change their email passwords and to not bring in any personal computer equipment.

Top Malware Reported in Last 24 Hours

AndroidOS_HidenAd adware
Security researchers have detected an active adware family dubbed as AndroidOS_HidenAd targeting Android phone users worldwide. The adware is distributed via 85 different fake game, TV and remote control simulator apps on the Google Play store. It is capable of displaying full-screen ads, hiding and monitoring a device's screen unlocking functionality. These 85 fake apps have been downloaded for around 9 million times around the world.

Conficker worm
The Conficker worm, also known as Downadup, Downup, and Kido, has been found to be active since the time of its discovery in late 2008. The worm has infected at least a million of PCs across the world. Although the creator of the malware is unknown, researchers claim that Conficker continues to remain the most prolific malware in the world. In November 2008, a new version of the malware called Conficker A was discovered affecting unpatched versions of Microsoft Windows PCs.

Top Vulnerabilities Reported in Last 24 Hours

SAP releases security advisories
SAP has released 11 security advisories to addresses flaws in its various products. The advisories include fix for CVE-2019-0246, CVE-2019-0247, CVE-2019-0249, CVE-2019-0243, CVE-2018-2484, CVE-2018-2499, CVE-2019-0248, CVE-2019-0241, CVE-2019-0240, CVE-2019-0238, and CVE-2019-0245. The CVE-2019-0246 - multiple flaws in SAP Cloud Connector for versions prior to 2.11.3 - was rated 9.3 on the severity scale. 

Microsoft patches 50 bugs
Microsoft has released January 2019 Patch Tuesday to fix 50 vulnerabilities across nine of its products. 17 of these bugs are marked as critical and are related to remote code execution. Windows OS, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, ChakraCore, the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps are some of the affected products.

Adobe's security updates
Security updates to address flaws in Adobe Connect and Adobe Digital Editions has been released recently. The flaws are dubbed as CVE-2018-19718 and CVE-2018-12817 and could allow attackers to take control over systems.


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Posted on: January 09, 2019

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