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Rapid communication of threats and real-time cyber security alerts are the key to quickly detect, respond to, and contain cyber attacks.

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The Current State of Cyber Security

secure communication tool

Unstructured Security Communication

No system of record for cyber situational awareness, information sharing, and alerts.

cybersecurity information sharing

Delayed Information Sharing

Incident and Intelligence reporting does not occur in real-time due to absence of effective cyber mobile reporting.

Real-time cyber security alerts

Lack of Real-time Cyber Security Alerts

No early warnings because traditional channels, like email, are not very effective in notifying promptly.

cyber security incident reporting

No Learnings from Incidents

Learnings from internal and external security incidents are not used for improving organization’s security posture.

cyber threat intelligence

Siloed view of Cyber Threat and Warnings

No “all source” platform providing complete operational picture of threats and vulnerabilities, causing data fusion issues and limiting visibility.

Secure Information Sharing

Information does not Reach Decision Makers

No “executive level” platform for sharing strategic security updates and cyber security solutions for decision making at leadership and senior management level.

How do we protect your organization?

Cyware secures your organizations by creating a robust security perimeter through real-time cyber security alerts driven situational awareness and enables participative information and intelligence exchange within and outside your organizations--for proactively mitigating cyber risk.

How do we strengthen your organization?

Cyware strengthens your organization by transforming your human endpoints into smart, responsive and active cyber capital. Cyware instills cyber conscience into your defensive security architecture with actionable intelligence on ‘What, Where, How, and What to do’ in real-time for all evolving security threats.

How do we improve your organization?

Cyware augments your corporate security culture with ‘Security First’ motto. Cyware enables real-time action on critical issues via a Secure Messenger platform protected with Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) mechanism and improves decision making through better collaboration between your teams.

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP)

Delivering Right Information, to the Right Individuals, at the Right Time, in the Right Format.

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Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange (CTIX)

Accelerating secure bidirectional cyber threat information sharing through machine learning.

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Cyware Fusion and Incident Response (CFIR)

Streamline and accelerate the incident response management process from detection to resolution.

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Cyware Threat Intelligence Lake (CTIL)

Facilitates the continued education, awareness and research of the rapidly expanding cyber threat landscape.

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We don’t want you to just take our word for it. Contact us now to learn more about our cyber security products and services.

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We don’t want you to just take our word for it. Contact us now to learn more about our cyber security products and services.

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