Everything You Need to Build a Virtual Cyber Fusion Center

Level up your security with a virtual cyber fusion center that powers threat intelligence sharing, end-to-end automation, and 360-degree threat response.

Cyber Fusion & Threat Intelligence Solution
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Organizations of all sizes deserve enterprise-class threat intelligence. Watch a brief demo video to see how CTIX Lite can help speed threat detection and automate intelligence workflows into action.

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Intelligent Security Through Virtual Cyber Fusion

Whether you are just getting started with threat detection and alerting, looking to make threat intelligence actionable, or searching for ways to optimize your SOC with customizable playbooks, Cyware has integrated virtual cyber fusion solutions to help you take your security operations and threat response to the next level.

Cyber Security Operations Center


Situational Awareness Platform


Threat Intelligence eXchange


Security Orchestration Gateway


Fusion & Threat Response

A mobile-enabled, automated, strategic threat intelligence, aggregation, processing, and sharing platform for real-time alert dissemination and enhanced collaboration between an organization’s security teams or an ISAC/ISAO and its members.

  • Automated Alert Aggregation
  • Threat Intelligence on Mobile
  • Strategic Threat Intelligence Sharing
  • Real-time Alerting by Role and Location

& more features

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP)

An innovative threat intelligence platform (TIP) to automatically aggregate, enrich, and analyze threat indicators in a collaborative ecosystem.

Cyware Threat Intel eXchange (CTIX)
  • Tactical Threat Intelligence Ingestion & Sharing
  • STIX 2.0 Support
  • Intel Automation & Security Orchestration
  • Automated Enrichment, Correlation & Analysis
  • MITRE ATT&CKᵀᴹ Heatmap

& more features

A universal, security orchestration gateway that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your security team through faster, smarter actions.

Cyware Security Orchestration Layer (CSOL)
  • Automated Playbooks
  • RESTful APIs
  • Custom Connectors
  • Visual Playbook Editor

& more features

A cyber fusion-powered full-incident analysis and response platform, designed to facilitate collaboration between disparate security teams against malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors affecting digital and human assets in real-time.

  • Incident / Case Management
  • Malware & Vulnerability Management
  • Threat Actor Management
  • Connect-the-Dots
  • Cost and Time Metrics

& more features

Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR)

Threat Sharing Communities

Cyware is the platform of choice for active sharing communities due to its ability to handle complex information-sharing requirements and scale to support limitless member rosters.

Cyware Threat Sharing Communities
Cyware Threat Sharing Communities
Cyware Threat Sharing Communities
Cyware Threat Sharing Communities
Cyware Threat Sharing Communities

Cyware Community

Enjoy free access to enterprise-grade threat intelligence and threat analysis solutions with our community offerings.

Cyware Partners

Join our powerful ecosystem of industry-leading partners collaborating to deliver innovative and value-driven solutions with our enterprise-grade offerings.

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Cyware Partners
Cyware Partners
Cyware Partners
Cyware Partners
Cyware Partners
Cyware Partners
Cyware Partners

Cyware Technology Integrations

Enhance your security solutions with added capabilities and complex use-cases through seamless technology integrations with Cyware platforms.

Cyware Tool Integration

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