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SimplifyingStrategic Intelligence Sharing


The Cyware ecosystem offers full-stack of innovative cyber solutions for Strategic and Tactical Threat Intelligence Sharing, Cyber Fusion, and Threat Response. Cyware Enterprise solutions have been designed to offer you a unified and connected-security ecosystem that bolsters your real-time perception, comprehension and projection of threat elements unique to your environment and empowers you to proactively respond and manage with force.



Cyware Situational
Awareness Platform (CSAP)


A strategic threat intelligence and information sharing platform that enhances organizational preparedness through real-time alerts and crisis notifications to employees based on their role, location and business alignment.

Strengthen your first line of defense and transform employees into powerful cyber defense assets through consistent situational awareness alerts, and suspicious incident reporting capabilities within a single, streamlined platform.



Cyware Threat Intel
eXchange (CTIX)


A smart client-server tactical threat intelligence sharing platform for ingestion, AI-based analysis, and exchange of real-time threat indicators with peers, clients, and third party suppliers within your trusted network.

Detect never-seen-before malicious threats using IOCs in multiple formats (STIX 2.0, MISP, XML, CSV, JSON, YARA, OpenIOC, ATT&CK, MAEC, IODEF) and collaborative bi-directional threat intel exchange.



Cyware Fusion and
Threat Response (CFTR)


A cyber fusion analysis and threat response platform for Intel and Ops teams, designed to facilitate the prevention, detection, collaboration, and response of any incident affecting enterprises in real-time.

Leverage operational threat intelligence to connect-the-dots between threat actors using malware to exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s digital assets, human end points, or software products.


Our community offerings stem from our firm belief in giving back to the society and contributing to the overall development of the security ecosystem. With Cyware’s community products, you can enjoy free access to enterprise grade threat intelligence and threat analysis solutions required to secure your organization.



Cyware infuses a wide range of advanced technologies into its security solutions including artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, honeypots and more to automate manual and time-consuming tasks, improve correlative analysis and reduce MTTR.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms are leveraged in our solutions for intelligence gathering, generation of real-time threat alerts, draw correlations between related threat data and improve analysis of existing and emerging threats.

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Cyware utilizes a private blockchain network that allows for the sharing of threat intelligence, authentication of digital identities and specialized management capabilities.

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We leverage honeypots for threat intelligence collection, unique insight into organizational network vulnerability to attacks and threats, and alerting clients to potential risks.

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