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CTIX Lite: The Threat Intelligence Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Security Teams

CTIX Lite: The Threat Intelligence Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Security Teams

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Small and medium-sized security teams often face the challenge of leveraging threat intelligence because of a lack of dedicated threat intel teams and threat intel platforms. With the threat landscape evolving at an accelerated pace to target organizations of all sizes, mid-market teams need to operationalize threat intelligence faster. Cyware equips such teams with a fully-automated threat intelligence platform, CTIX Lite, that comes with pre-loaded premium threat intel feeds and enrichment sources, and pre-built integrations with detection and response platforms such as SIEM, firewall, antivirus, IDS/IPS, etc. for automated actioning.

Into the Pre-Loaded Ecosystem

With multiple pre-loaded options and pre-built features in Cyware’s automated threat intelligence platform, CTIX Lite, small and medium-sized security teams can kickstart their threat intelligence journey easily and effectively at zero extra cost. Our pre-loaded intel feeds and enrichment sources provide contextualized and actionable threat intelligence that can be automatically actioned through pre-built integrations with SIEM, incident response, and other security platforms. With CTIX Lite, mid-market security teams can:

  • Operationalize threat intelligence from pre-loaded premium feeds and enrichments such as Flashpoint, Polyswarm, and alphaMountain without having to purchase feed and enrichment subscriptions separately.
  • Automatically ingest and parse structured and unstructured threat intelligence from other external sources, including commercial threat intel providers, ISACs/ISAOs, CERTs, regulatory bodies, dark web, OSINT, etc.
  • Gather additional context on threat intelligence through an in-built confidence scoring and analysis engine.
  • Automate entire threat intelligence lifecycle workflows and processes, including ingestion, normalization, enrichment, analysis, and dissemination. 
  • Automatically execute threat intelligence actions such as SIEM lookup and reference using pre-built SIEM connectors.

How CTIX Lite Empowers Security Teams?

Pre-loaded threat intel feeds and enrichment sources are valuable assets in the security toolbox of any organization. Let’s find out why the pre-loaded aspect is the unique value proposition of our threat intelligence platform!

  • Faster, automated threat intel operationalization: Pre-loaded threat intelligence feeds and enrichment sources are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest threats, as well as gain access to relevant feeds and reports that focus on specific industries or verticals. With the feeds and enrichment sources being already integrated into CTIX Lite, security teams can kickstart their threat intel operations quickly without having to purchase additional feed subscriptions. With the entire threat intel ecosystem integrated into one single platform, security teams also don't have to deal with vendor fatigue.

  • Better threat visibility: Automated threat intel analysis and scoring enable security teams to gain insights into who is attacking their organization, the tools and systems used by threat actors, and the indicators of compromise (IOCs). CTIX Lite analyzes threat intelligence in a manner that provides the right context security teams need to make better decisions on risks and cyber threats.

  • Threat data enrichment: The pre-loaded enrichment sources provide you with powerful data enrichment, early access to relevant threat data with reduced false positives, and effective threat scoring, helping you save time and effort spent in investigating false positives and manually searching for relevant information.

CTIX Lite is powering the threat intelligence operations of small and medium-sized security teams enabling them to defend their assets and infrastructure better. Book a free demo today to learn more about CTIX Lite!


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Posted on: November 03, 2022

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