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Cyware Achieves FedRAMP Ready Designation – Why It Matters

FedRAMP Ready

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We are very proud to announce that Cyware passed an important milestone, receiving FedRAMP Ready designation for our Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) platform. FedRAMP Ready is the first step to enable government agencies and contractors to benefit from our advanced security collaboration, threat intelligence automation, and orchestrated threat response capabilities, which can accelerate adoption of secure cloud technologies. 

FedRAMP Ready designation shows that a third-party assessment organization attests to Cyware’s security capabilities and has completed a Readiness Assessment Report (RAR) which has been reviewed and deemed acceptable by the FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO). The RAR documents the cloud service’s capability to meet FedRAMP security requirements.

Why FedRAMP is Important

The FedRAMP process is lengthy and requires a significant commitment by a vendor to support rigorous security and data privacy standards defined by NIST. The FedRAMP process establishes confidence for buyers in the security of a vendor’s products and services. While FedRAMP is mandatory for Federal customers, it is often used by State and local governments and demonstrates the maturity of a solution for private-sector customers as well.

The FedRAMP Ready milestone demonstrates Cyware’s commitment to enhancing threat intelligence sharing and security operations for the public sector. Federal Agencies can now leverage the Cyware platform to automate security collaboration, operationalize threat intelligence, and ensure the highest levels of cloud security through intelligent orchestration and response.

Cyware’s Commitment to Compliance

As a security vendor supporting hundreds of enterprise customers, Cyware is committed to meeting rigorous compliance standards. In addition to the FedRAMP process, Cyware also has received ISO 27001 and SOC 2 (Type 2) certifications. We are also in process for VPAT accessibility compliance, and the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework.

Security requires more than point solutions that solve limited problems. At Cyware, security permeates everything we do, and meeting strict compliance standards gives our customers assurance that they have a true partner helping protect their businesses.

How Cyware’s Cyber Fusion Center Benefits Federal Agencies

Cyware is a pioneer in developing modular TIP, SOAR, and collaboration solutions that can be combined into comprehensive Cyber Fusion Centers. The CFC platform provides an end-to-end solution that aggregates threat intelligence, enhances collaboration across departmental silos and between organizations, orchestrates automation across the widest range of existing security solutions, and leverages AI to turn threat intelligence into intelligent action.

Cyware’s SOAR and TIP platforms provide the backbone of security collaboration for Fortune 500 Enterprises as well as most of the industry ISACs, enabling automated ISAC-to-ISAC cross-sectoral threat sharing and ISAC-to-Enterprise threat sharing for more than 20,000 ISAC member organizations. Cyware’s FedRAMP Ready compliance will now enable federal agencies to leverage our vast threat-sharing network to proactively predict, analyze, and respond to cyber threats while collaborating with other critical infrastructure entities from the public and private sectors in real-time.

Willy Leichter

With over twenty years of cybersecurity experience, Willy focuses on product innovation, close collaboration with enterprise customers, and delivering effective security solutions. He has extensive experience in many security domains including threat intelligence, security automation, cloud data protection, authentication, and encryption.


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Posted on: January 27, 2023

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