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Cyware Joins Forces with Industry Leaders for CACAO Initiative

Cyware Joins Forces with Industry Leaders for CACAO Initiative

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Cyware Labs is excited to announce their membership within the Collaborative Automated Course of Action Operations (CACAO) for Cyber Security Technical Committee. Members of the CACAO Initiative are developing a standard to implement a course of action playbook model for cybersecurity operations. Cyware is participating alongside industry leaders; Accenture, Cisco Systems, FireEye, Fornetix, IBM and New Context.
Members of the CACAO Initiative will be joining forces to create a standardized playbook that will allow organizations to manually identify, create, and document the prevention, mitigation, and remediation steps for cybersecurity operations. The course of action playbooks will help cybersecurity professionals, large enterprises and government agencies better protect their systems, networks, data and customers.
"We are proud to join forces with the CACAO initiative as they mature the threat intelligence domain. By empowering security teams to go beyond the simple sharing of information, this initiative will ensure organizations can take action and yield results that will improve their ability to proactively block threats. The initiative will also work towards the standardization of COA Playbooks so customers can speak the common language of preventing, defending and remediating threats,” Avkash Kathiriya, Vice President, Research and Innovation at Cyware Labs said.
Cyware has a passion for innovation and revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry. Cyware’s products give organizations the necessary tools to be proactive in their cyber defense through strategic and tactical threat intelligence sharing, and cyber fusion analysis. They have proven that they are able to solve more than just the technical problems around defensive cyber responses with their threat intel solutions.

You can read the full announcement, here.


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Posted on: September 24, 2019

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