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Cyware Threat Intelligence Lite Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Cyware Threat Intelligence Lite Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

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We are pleased to announce another milestone for Cyware, with the release and immediate availability of the Intel Exchange (CTIX Lite) product through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This continues our strategy of extending the global distribution of our threat intelligence, security collaboration, and automation tools. CTIX Lite is designed for small to medium-sized enterprises and is a cloud-hosted, fully automated, connected TIP that leverages Al and ML to automatically ingest, analyze, correlate, and act upon threat data ingested from multiple external sources and internal security tools.

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are leveraging the AWS Marketplace as a streamlined way to procure and deploy security products. While Cyware sells directly and through channels to global enterprises, many organizations are pre-approved to purchase and deploy critical security products through AWS, significantly shortening sales and implementation timelines. 

CTIX Lite enables growing security teams to operationalize threat intel in a fully automated manner with advanced customization and security collaboration capabilities. The solution includes pre-loaded premium threat intel feeds, automated threat intel actioning, and simplifies collaboration with ISACs, ISAOs, and private information-sharing communities.

With CTIX Lite, businesses can kickstart threat intel operations with pre-loaded premium threat intelligence feeds and enrichment sources from Flashpoint, alphaMountain, PolySwarm, Cyware, and more. The solution also includes pre-built SIEM integrations and supports multi-source threat intel collection, custom IOC confidence scoring, automated actioning, and bi-direction intel sharing with communities such as ISACs.

CTIX Lite is part of Cyware’s complete Cyber Fusion Center which includes integrated threat intel management, human-to-human, and machine collaboration, orchestration with any security tools, and advanced automation to turn threat intelligence into intelligent action. Cyware solutions have been deployed by hundreds of enterprises globally, and power the majority of ISAC, ISAO, CERTS, and other threat intelligence sharing communities that deliver critical threat alerts to over 25,000 member organizations.

For more information please see our listing on the AWS Marketplace or product information on our website.


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Posted on: February 14, 2023

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