List of Data Breaches, Malware, Vulnerabilities, Scams, and Issued Patches in July 2018

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Just like the previous month, July also witnessed a flurry of new malware variants, newly discovered vulnerabilities and attack methods used by threat actors. In addition to these, a copious number of breach incidents were also reported in this one month span, affecting renowned organizations, major businesses and institutions. News about scams related to phony prizes and sales, fake support calls were also reported in large amount.

New versions of Red Alert Trojan, GandCrab and Proton malware were found being used by cyber criminals to execute their malicious and phishing works. Several critical vulnerabilities--including a new variant of the Spectre flaw named SpectreRSB--were also discovered impacting various processes, systems and networks of several organizations. On the other hand, a major attack on Singapore's government health database resulted in the exposure of personal information of about 1.5 million people. Talking about scams, scammers have devised a technique named harpoon cannon method to target bitcoin whales who have thousands of coins in their crypto-wallets.

Despite all these cyber threats, patches and mitigation steps have been released for most of the vulnerabilities and malware.

Here's a detailed list of all the cyber threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, breaches, scams and security patches that were reported in July 2018.








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