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When Man Meets Machine: How CSOL Automates a Variety of Security Use Cases

When Man Meets Machine: How CSOL Automates a Variety of Security Use Cases

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The key markers of a high-performing SOC are its efficiency and pace of threat response. However, every security analyst knows how challenging it can be to achieve a happy medium between different security tools, teams, and processes. With the ever-increasing complexity of the modern SOC, the need to automate and orchestrate parts of the security organization is paramount. The Cyware Security Orchestration Layer (CSOL) is built to fill this gap and help security teams attain their desired levels of performance and efficiency in countering the most pertinent cyber threats.

Creating a smart IR lifecycle
CSOL enables security teams to build an automated threat response plan that gels with the existing resources, to prioritize, investigate, and eradicate a variety of threats.

  • A robust security posture requires a focused effort on eliminating the most critical threats out of a noisy stream of false positives. CSOL helps perform automated analysis of identified alerts to reduce the clutter and improve efficiency by guiding analysts towards the high-priority threats.
  • As modern security teams often struggle to cope with the immense volume of alerts with limited human resources, CSOL plays a pivotal role by automating most manual tasks performed by security operations teams. This, in turn, helps reduce the Mean Time to Response (MTTR) by providing the freedom to analysts from more laborious tasks.
  • By putting together different pieces of the puzzle and automating key security actions, CSOL enables the creation of a smart, streamlined Incident Response (IR) lifecycle.
  • CSOL also adds value to the Threat Intelligence lifecycle by operationalizing the actionable intel insights generated from the analysis of different intel sources to proactively counter emerging threats.

Play Safe with CSOL Playbooks
Every organization is different when it comes to the security use cases that arise from its business functions, technology infrastructure, geography, and other factors.

  • To cater to this varied security landscape, CSOL allows security teams to identify, test, and improve threat response and recovery actions for different use cases through customized Playbooks.
  • Moreover, the inbuilt Playbook Library in CSOL provides an easy starting point to mold Playbooks as per the requirements of an existing threat response plan.
  • CSOL helps improve the implementation of the documented policies and procedures put in place across various teams like IT operations, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, etc by providing a consistent, reliable response to a variety of relevant threats.
  • Onboarding new personnel in the security teams of an organization also becomes easier as CSOL provides an organized environment for understanding the organization’s expansive security infrastructure.

Above all, CSOL becomes the centerpiece of a next-gen SOC that can proactively analyze threats using intelligence insights, investigate the most crucial threats in an automated manner, and provide an accelerated response to any threat that tries to infiltrate an organization’s infrastructure.

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Posted on: November 19, 2020

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