Cyware Threat
Intelligence eXchange (CTIX)

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Powerful combination of automated tactical threat intelligence, advanced analysis capabilities and collective security collaboration.



Full Intel Collection and Subscriber Management

An intelligent client-server intelligence exchange that provides for subscriber management and full Intel collection management from multiple sources.

A Hub and Spoke architecture with central hub (server) combining and anonymizing threat intel from multiple participants (clients), removing duplicates, and enriching with analysis before sharing back with participants (clients).

Tactical Threat Intel Sharing

Actionable intelligence about potential threats including malicious IP addresses, domains, URLs, file hashes and other data to reduce exposure, help speed time to action.

Machine-to-machine transfer to build a meticulous database of new and past threats, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and more.

Threat Indicator Orchestrator (Any-to-STIX-to-Any)

Systematically convert, store, and organize actionable threat data across various formats including STIX 1.x, STIX 2.0, XML, JSON, Cybox, OpenIOC, MAEC.

Compatible, bi-directional cyber threat intelligence sharing solution to create STIX to/from IOCs in any format for faster, richer threat intel sharing capabilities.

Automation Rich Platform

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce noise, eliminate duplicate data and draw meaningful correlations at speed.

Real-time alerts and notifications based on automatic trigger mechanisms, specialized expressions and customized rules.

Analyst Friendly

Reduce analyst fatigue and improve efficiency through advanced Analyst Workbench and sophisticated suite of tools.

Boost comprehensive analysis, improve SecOps maturity with integrated tools such as Shodan, VirusTotal, Whois, STIX converter, IoC Extractor, Sandbox integration and more.

Build Your Own Trusted Sharing Network (TSN)

Leverage the power of CTIX Pro (TAXII server) for sending / receiving raw or structured tactical intelligence to / from CTIX Plus (TAXII client) deployed at business units, and key clients and third party suppliers.

Utilize relevant threat intelligence for faster contextualization, incident investigations, and alert triage processes.


Cyber Threat Intelligence
IOC Conversion in Multiple Formats

Wide-ranging format support including STIX 2.0, MISP, XML, CSV, JSON, YARA, OpenIOC, ATT&CK, MAEC, IODEF and more.

Full Support for STIX 2.0

Full support for STIX 2.0 (JSON) as well as previous STIX versions 1.x (XML) to ensure flexible sharing, exchange and analysis options.

Customizable Threat Intelligence

Improve threat detection and data ingestion through advanced integration options with SIEM tools like Splunk, QRadar, ArcSight and security products like Qualys, Rapid7, and several STIX/TAXII platforms.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Ability to receive and share threat indicators in standard industry formats like STIX as well as non-standard formats and unstructured data sources like email.

ATT&CK Navigator

Create and visualize MITRE’s ATT&CK Navigator to map APT threat actor techniques and methods to identify trends across the cyber kill chain in post-exploitation hunting.

Advanced Analyst Workbench

Improve analysts’ maturity and interoperability with advanced analyst workbench tools including STIX 1.x to STIX 2.0 converter and Fang-Defang converter.

Cyber Threat Intelligence
TLP:RED Packages handling

Ability to set expiration for TLP:RED STIX packages for secure transfer and handling of valuable tactical threat information.

Rule Based Alerting and Sharing

Receive alerts and notifications based on automatic triggers using specialized expressions and customized rules based advanced search system.

Vulnerability Handling

Advanced integration with several CVE security vulnerability databases and information sources, including CVE Details, Mitre, NVD and more.

Cyber Threat Intelligence
Centralized Threat Dashboard

View customized confidence scores, factor-based prioritization of cyber threats and detailed statistical metrics within a comprehensive platform.

Duplicates Identification

Employ the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for quick and efficient correlation of threat indicators, removal of duplicate data.

Third Party API Integration

Integrate with hundreds of APIs to perform smart analysis on data collated from reputed sources like VirusTotal, Shodan, Moz, GeoIP and Whois databases.

What is STIX?

Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) is a standardized structured language for sharing cyber threat information. STIX has been developed by MITRE and OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Technical Committee for greater sharing, storage and analysis of cyber threat intelligence in a consistent manner. Find more information on STIX.

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