Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange

A smart, client-server threat intelligence platform (TIP) for ingestion, enrichment, analysis, and bi-directional sharing of threat data within your trusted network.


Threat Intelligence Platform

Multi-Source, Format-Agnostic Threat Intel Ingestion

Collect tactical and technical intelligence from multiple external sources, including threat intel providers, regulatory bodies, peer organizations, ISACs, dark web, etc. and internally deployed security tools.

Systematically convert, store, and organize actionable threat data across various formats including STIX 1.x, STIX 2.0, XML, JSON, Cybox, MAEC, etc., before sharing back with partners.

Taxii Server

Machine-Powered Enrichment, Correlation & Analysis

Defeat analyst fatigue with AI-enabled enrichment, correlation, and analysis of threat data via integration with trusted sources like Shodan, VirusTotal, and Whois.

Improve threat prediction, prevention, and response operations with prescient and actionable intelligence created from the real-time analysis of large volumes of threat data at machine speed.

Threat Intel Platform

Complete Threat Intel Lifecycle Automation

Fully automate the collection, normalization, enrichment, analysis, and dissemination/sharing stages of the Threat Intelligence Lifecycle using advanced orchestration, decision rule engine, and REST API capabilities.

Automate mundane tasks, reduce false-positives, and cut down overall triage time for alerts and incidents by mobilizing timely, relevant, and context-driven threat intelligence in real-time.

Threat Intelligence Tools

Integrated Governance & Collaboration

Maintain a constant battle rhythm with synchronized activity and governance workflows through regular distribution of actionable threat intelligence with Incident Response, SOC, VAPT, and Threat Hunting teams.

Create specialized threat intel views, tailored for the various roles within your organization, including Analysts, SOC/IR Teams, Steering Committees, and CISO, to align governance with security operations.

Tactical Threat Intelligence

STIX/TAXII-based Bidirectional Sharing & Collaboration

Share enriched and anonymized STIX/TAXII-based threat intelligence, including indicators of compromise (IOCs) and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) with your partners via an efficient Hub and Spoke-based architecture.

Collaborate with your partners to establish threat potency through real-time validation, scoring, and blocking of threats using machine-to-machine indicator correlation of a trusted threat data pool.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Machine-to-Machine Dissemination & Actioning

Enable intel-driven security operations in your organization by feeding enriched, validated, and analyzed threat data via advanced integration with your deployed security tools.

Leverage customized rules to automate response workflows in your deployed security architecture, such as blocking malicious indicators in your preventive security tools.

ctix Features

Enable end-to-end tactical and technical threat intelligence automation with advanced analysis and bi-directional sharing within your trusted network.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Any-to-Any Threat Feed Orchestration

Collect and normalize, structured and unstructured threat data, from a plethora of formats including STIX 1.x / 2.0, MISP, MAEC, XML, CSV, YARA, OpenIOC, JSON, PDF, Cybox, Email, etc.


STIX 1.X to STIX 2.0 Conversion

Ensure advanced threat data interoperability with smooth conversion of STIX 1.x (XML) to STIX 2.0 (JSON).


Micro Threat Intel Ingestion

Automate ingestion and analysis of Micro Intel feeds including TTPs, indicators of compromise (IOCs), exploit alert sharing, threat intel enrichment, exploitability mapping, kill chain mapping, ATT&CK mapping, etc.


Hub & Spoke Sharing Model

Collect, manage, and share intelligence with partners, vendors, clients, regulatory bodies, ISACs/ISAOs, etc. in a highly collaborative ecosystem.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

MITRE ATT&CKᵀᴹ Navigator

Visualize threat actor tactics and techniques to identify trends across the cyber kill chain in the post-exploitation phase and relate them to reported intel.


Enrichment, Correlation, and Analysis

Enrich threat data from VirusTotal, Whois, NVD, etc., performing real-time correlation, deduplication, and analysis, along with noise removal through graduated indicator deprecation.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Internal Intel Ingestion

Automatically ingest tactical threat intel from security tools deployed within your organization’s network including SIEMs, UEBA, Antivirus, IDS/IPS, etc.

CTIX - Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange

Automated Intel Actioning

Automate blocking of malicious indicators in Firewalls deployed in your organization on the basis of the IOC score and customized rules.

CTIX - Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange

Multi-level Intel View

Create a specialized intelligence view for different roles within your organization including analysts, SOC, incident response teams, steering committees, and CISO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyware threat intelligence eXchange (CTIX) is an advanced threat intel platform (TIP) with a number of unmatched features. First, CTIX has been built using a hub-and-spoke architecture. The unique advantage of this model is the ability for an organization to efficiently disseminate and consume threat intelligence in a bi-directional manner. Traditional TIPs are focused more on one-to-one unidirectional threat intel sharing mechanisms, thereby rendering them incapable of sharing or receiving threat intel with/from multiple peers, TI providers, ISAC members, regulators, partner organizations and subsidiary companies. Second, traditional TIPs only allow for sharing of indicators of compromise (IOCs) whereas CTIX goes a step further to allow analysis and sharing of not only IOCs but also Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), Threat Actors, Course of Actions, Incidents, etc.. CTIX integrates Mitre’s ATT&CKᵀᴹ Navigator utilizing a heatmap overlay for detailed threat analysis and investigations. Third, CTIX comes with advanced orchestration features enablinging automated updating of threat data in internal security tools like IDS/IPS, SIEM, AV Solutions, and sandboxes. CTIX can be used to orchestrate reports from these tools and automatically share them with peer organizations, subsidiaries, third-parties, vendors, ISAC members, etc. Lastly, CTIX is a format-agnostic TIP allowing for collection/ingestion, analysis, and sharing of threat data in multiple formats, unlike traditional TIPs which are handicapped by only being able to handle a small set of selected formats.

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