Cyware for Virtual Cyber Fusion

Stay ahead of threats with our virtual cyber fusion solutions for threat intelligence sharing and analysis, threat response, and security automation built for today’s remote teams.
Cyware for Virtual Cyber Fusion

Deploy next-gen virtual cyber fusion solutions for threat defense

Cyber Fusion is a next-generation approach to cybersecurity that unifies all security functions such as threat intelligence, security automation, threat response, security orchestration, incident response, and others into a single connected unit with the capability to coalesce all comprising units for detecting, managing and responding to threats in an integrated and collaborative manner.

Whether your security team is remote or located at separate locations, a virtual cyber fusion center orchestrates people, processes, and technologies to boost overall threat intelligence, accelerate incident response speed, and reduce incident costs and risks. This is accomplished through the automated and streamlined ingestion, analysis, and sharing of strategic, tactical, technical, and operational cyber threat intelligence with internal security teams and external sharing community partners in real-time.

The continuously analyzed and updated threat intelligence is automatically fed into all functional units of security operations including deployed security and IT tools and human-based analysis and response teams to foster visibility-driven security operations. Cyware’s virtual cyber fusion strategy converges different goals of disparate security teams to develop a common vision across the organization. The next-gen security approach ensures alignment while enhancing collaboration against all threats affecting the enterprise.

Unite Teams with Virtual Cyber Fusion

Bring threat intelligence, incident response, threat hunting, and other security operations teams together on a common platform to deliver a collaborative threat response.
Cyware for Virtual Cyber Fusion
Cyware for Virtual Cyber Fusion

Automate Intelligence Collection, Analysis, and Sharing

Automatically collect, enrich, and analyze multi-sourced intelligence with relevant and actionable context from trusted sources before sharing with industry peers, vendors, ISACs/ISAOs, etc.

Deliver Intel-driven Threat Response

Integrate threat intelligence analysis with threat response, hunting, automation, and security operations to connect-the-dots between disparate security threat patterns and deliver a context-driven and coordinated response.
Cyware for Virtual Cyber Fusion
Cyware for Virtual Cyber Fusion

Integrate Human Intelligence with Security Automation

Automate security workflows to deliver threat response at machine speed and achieve maximum operational efficiency and reduced incident costs without losing the element of human judgment.

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