Cyware Situational Awareness Platform

Cyber situational awareness

Enhance your security capabilities through strategic threat intelligence sharing, crisis communication capabilities and human-to-machine orchestration.


Cyber Situational Awareness

Power of Mobile: Role
and Location based Alerts

Mobility is all you need to ace your defense game by getting visibility into threats on the go via mobile app. Prepare for the inevitable and enable employees to receive, report and respond to real-time security incidents from their web and mobile apps - from wherever they are!

Receive and share accurate and actionable cyber and non-cyber alerts on-the-go for faster and better-informed responses to any threat or incident without delay.

Situational Awareness

Next-gen Strategic Threat
Intelligence Sharing

Deploy a strategic threat intel-driven approach to exchange and manage alerts on incidents, breaches, security trends to ensure end users are truly aware of the latest and greatest security threats facing your organization.

Aggregate unique OSINT threat intelligence feeds, and vulnerability and malware early notifications to share actionable alerts with employees, peers, clients, vendors and more.

Cyber Situational Awareness

Dynamic, On-the-go Situational
Awareness Platform

Receive, share and action real-time alerts on the go via web, email or mobile to power constant, reliable situational awareness.

Strengthen your first line of defense through actionable, real-time cyber situational awareness and incident response capabilities within a single, streamlined platform, anywhere, anytime.

Situational Awareness

Greater security visibility with
Human-to-Machine orchestration

Gain greater visibility of existing and emerging threats through actionable, information sharing and wield machine-to-human-to-machine (M2H2M) orchestration

Powerful combination of human and machine within a single space featuring suspicious activity response, incident reporting, intelligence sharing, and crisis notification.

Cyber Situational Awareness

Automate Information Sharing
and Management

Automatic delivery of alerts from SIEM tools, threat intelligence platforms, intel providers, vulnerability scanning tools, to those who need to action those alerts.

Equip SecOps teams with automated threat intelligence ingestion and dissemination capabilities to quickly identify, prioritize and respond to threats.

Situational Awareness

Centralize Security

Manage organizational security alerts within a single, easy-to-use dashboard, with performance metrics, incident and intel report management and insight into user activity.

Leverage machine learning to aggregate strategic threat intelligence without noise or duplication and proactively improve overall security resilience.


Cyber Situational Awareness
Crisis Notification system

Utilize Crisis Notification to ensure urgent alerts are delivered out-of-band without delay to employees and key players in the event of a crisis via SMS, mobile app, voice call, and email.

Cyber Situational Awareness
Email and Mobile Push Notifications

Seamlessly deliver important information and critical real-time alerts about security threats and disseminate cyber security awareness without delay to user email or mobile devices.

Situational Awareness
Human Endpoints and Incident Reporting

Quarantine threats that bypass traditional defensive mechanisms by roping in employee intelligence over mobile and web based suspicious Incident Reporting.

Cyber Situational Awareness
Secure Messenger

Securely communicate with individuals and incident response teams using built-in Secure Messenger - complete with encryption and enhanced controls.

Situational Awareness
Trusted Sharing Communities

Manage third-party risks across the extended enterprise through exchange of strategic and operational threat intelligence with third party vendors, as well as with clients, stakeholders and peers.

Situational Awareness
Conference Dial-In

Enhance organizational interoperability, internal communications and response efforts with ability to dial in to a conference line directly from situational awareness alerts.

Situational Awareness
Enhanced Executive Protection

Empower leadership and senior management with ability to notify cyber or physical security teams about threats with the push of a button from their mobile-device.

Situational Awareness
Custom Security Alert Forms

Select from multiple pre-designed alert form based on various attack categories to suit your organizational needs and issues.

Cyber Situational Awareness
Custom Alerts and Notifications

Share real-time situational alerts on incidents, malware, breaches, vulnerabilities and threat methods based on your organization’s location, business units and needs via web, email and mobile.

Situational Awareness
Centralized Dashboard

Robust SaaS-based platform that provides greater visibility and allows content customization, full-featured management dashboards and an integrated view into the user actions.

Cyber Situational Awareness
Information Classification Protocol

Classify information before securely sharing with the right recipients using TLP or customized information classification scheme.

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