Cyware Situational Awareness Platform

An automated threat alert aggregation and information sharing platform that equips key security personnel with information to improve situational awareness and resilience.

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform


  • Automated Alert Aggregation & Dissemination

  • Mobile-enabled Communication & Actioning

  • Real-time Strategic & Operational Threat Intelligence Sharing

  • Integrated Collaboration at Micro Level

  • Trusted Sharing Communities

csap Features

Enhance your security capabilities with automated alert aggregation, strategic threat intelligence sharing, and mobile-enabled alerting.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Machine-to-Machine Orchestration

Aggregate, enrich, and disseminate alerts from internally deployed security tools and machine-based external sources for advanced analysis and actioning.

Role, Location, and Business Alignment-based Alerting

Receive, share, and action real-time role, location, and business purpose-based alerts via the web, email, or mobile, to power constant and reliable situational awareness.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Machine-to-Human Orchestration

Aggregate, enrich, and share machine-generated security alerts with employees for real-time situational awareness, actioning, and decision-making.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Human-to-Machine Orchestration

Orchestrate threat alerts from internal and external human-based sources into machine-readable security updates.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Cyware Alerts

Gain access to a continuous feed of up-to-date and expertly analyzed and enriched threat alerts to proactively neutralize risks, such as malware, vulnerabilities, or data breaches, and stay ahead of the bad actors.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Mobile-enabled Intel Sharing

Share accurate and actionable threat intelligence on-the-go for faster and better-informed threat response.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Macro Intel Ingestion

Automate ingestion and analysis of macro-intel feeds including finished intel reports, threat research reports, malware advisories, vulnerability reports, and regulatory advisories.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

MITRE ATT&CKᵀᴹ Heatmap

Visualize attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) defined by MITRE and derived from shared threat alerts and incidents reported by employees and ISAC/ISAO members.

Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

Crisis Notifications

Rapidly alert all or a select group of employees or ISAC/ISAO members in the event of an emergency situation, like a systemic malware outbreak or a major vulnerability disclosure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) comes with advanced orchestration and automation features that are enabled by our Cyware Security Orchestration Layer (CSOL) module. The security orchestration layer allows for fully-automated alert ingestion and distribution from both internal and external sources, regardless of whether the info is machine or human-readable, paving the way for full Machine-to-Human-to-Machine orchestration (M2H2M). Organizations and ISACs/ISAOs can use CSAP as a single tool to automate alert ingestion from internally deployed tools, including SIEMs, vulnerability management platforms, service/ticketing platforms, and EDR tools. Furthermore, alerts shared by external entities that provide RSS feeds, regulatory advisories, research reports, TI reports, news/blog feeds, etc. can also be fully automated.

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