Cyware Fusion and Threat Response

Cyber Incident Response

Harness the power of Cyber Fusion, Threat Response, Advanced Orchestration and Automation to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.


Incident Response
Cyber Fusion and Analysis

Real-time threat intelligence and cyber data fusion to develop a 360 degree view of an adversary - beyond the nuts and bolts - to tackle the unprecedented number and level of threats.

A single repository of malware, vulnerabilities, threat intel, threat actors, digital and human assets to draw faster correlations, contextual threat assessments and multifaceted cyber threat analysis.

Cyber Incident Response

Connect-the-dots faster with the latest contextual intelligence and reliable threat data from multiple trusted sources to identify leads and respond faster

Log correlations, improve threat analysis, and swiftly address any security threat - proactively or during response - through effective battle rhythm.

Cyber Incident Response
Orchestration and Playbooks

Drive the maximum value out of your security stack by facilitating bi-directional integration and automating defensive measures at machine speeds.

Streamline and automate triaging and response by integrating “any tool with any tool” including SIEM, IDS/IPS, TIPs, EDR, Firewalls, Honeypots, and DevOps tools using advanced playbooks.

Incident Response
MTTR Reduction via Automation and Human Oversight

Strike the quintessential equilibrium between the need for speed and human oversight to reduce MTTR.

Expedite the incidence response in accordance with your organization's niche security requirements yet leaving room for human intervention for critical task approvals.

Incident Response
360* Asset Risk Mitigation

Catalog, monitor and secure your organization’s core digital and human assets and crown jewels - from servers, application, software products, to end-point devices to employees - within a single platform.

Strategically monitor the impact of incidents on key digital assets, assess impact of policy exceptions, open ports, lack of patches, or missing AV definitions and ensure compliance.

Incident Response
SLA and Learnings

Maintain and track Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for incidents ensuring that risk is mitigated in timely manner and the MTTR is reduced.

Document and analyze root causes, prioritize enhancements and track post-incident learnings with auditable user actions and ongoing threat briefings.

Incident Response
People, Process, and Technology Efficacy Measurement

Leverage rich and varied array of out-of-the-box SOC metrics while enabling users to create customized analysis reports.

Enable SOC Managers and CISOs to conveniently measure various KRIs and KPIs by customizing and creating their own dashboards and reports in minutes.


Cyber Incident Response
Develop a comprehensive, intel-driven view of threats from multiple trusted sources to draw faster correlations for immediate action.
Incident Response
Connect the dots between seemingly isolated cyber events for greater visibility into complex threat campaigns and development of multi-faceted response and solutions.
Cyber Incident Response
Incident / Case Management Workflow
Reduce noise, false alarms and MTTR with relevant threat intelligence ingestion, streamlined workflow automation and sophisticated campaign management.
Incident Response
Triage Management
Preemptively respond to incidents to contextualize, prioritize and dynamically queue potential risks in real time and mitigate before they negatively impact.
Cyber Incident Response
Advanced Playbooks
Leverage hundreds of advanced, out-of-the-box or custom Playbooks using drag and drop visual playbook editor to address complex and diverse attacks.
Incident Response
Post Incident Learnings
Audit post-incident learnings to continually enhance security posture and maturity against similar threats in the future.
Cyber Incident Response
Cyber Kill Chain
Gain greater understanding of the cyber kill chain to reduce dwell time and disrupt threats in record time with a high-speed response.
Incident Response
Robust Action / Tasks Management
Strategically track and monitor threats, response operations and mitigative efforts to completion with a streamlined action tracking system.
Cyber Incident Response
Customized dashboard with exquisite controls for intrusion detection, custom rule sets, notifications and enhanced incident response features to create a true force multiplier.
Incident Response
Rich Notifications
Customizable automated Email, SMS, and Voice notifications based on user’s Role, Location, and Business Unit.
Cyber Incident Response
Smart Email Integration
Ability to create incidents directly from email, by extracting and mapping relevant information, including all Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in the email body or attachments.
Incident Response
Activity Logging
Ability to log each field level user activity to have auditable records of who changed what and when

CFTR is more than an IM Platform

Campaign Management
Proactively manage campaigns to get a better view of attack chain and internal associations.
Vulnerability Management
Dedicated databases for vulnerabilities to create a comprehensive view from discovery to patching.
Threat Assessment
Investigate and analyze threats to digital and human assets and track mitigation.
Malware Database
Track and manage all kinds of malware infecting the organization’s assets by ingesting relevant data.
Threat Intelligence
Continually aggregate and imbibe valuable threat intel from multiple sources.
Threat Briefings
Manage day to day battle rhythm by documenting daily threat activities.
Threat Actor Tracking Engine
Produces a continuous threat footprint using ATT&CK by mapping TTPs used by Threat Actors against reported Incidents.
Asset Database
Maintain a database of all digital and human assets for proactive management of vulnerabilities.
Action Tracking
Systematically manage and monitor actionable response to incidents in real-time based on priority, type and status.
Priority Intelligence Requirements
Identify and manage intelligence requirements which are critical to accomplishing your organizational mission.
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