Cyware Fusion and
Threat Response (


Cyber Fusion

Real-time Cyber Data Fusion to develop a 360-degree view of adversaries - beyond the nuts and bolts - to tackle the unprecedented number and level of threats.

Campaign Management

Provide a superior vantage point to analysts for classification and grouping of all threats into different campaigns based on their innate similarities for a well-calibrated response. An exquisite feature that aids analysts in maintaining battle rhythm from a strategic response perspective.

Incident Management

Utilize the comprehensive view of incidents based on phase, priority, and severity in a single window. Track the actions taken time taken by each analyst. See related incidents to draw better correlations and expedite the entire IR cycle.

Vulnerability Management

Empower IR analysts to correlate and manage vulnerabilities through a single pane of glass by linking them to one or multiple incidents, thereby proactively neutralizing any attack opportunities for the threat actors.

Malware Management

Deploy a comprehensive approach to reduce the risk of malware infection by proactively linking malware to the vulnerabilities exploited by them and threat actors using them for exploitation, while responding to incidents and for future analysis to proactively mitigate threats.

Threat Intel management

Consolidate Threat Intel received from TI providers, internal feeds from SOC, custom Malware and other Technical Intel feed. This automated threat analysis and its correlation to incidents, saves analysts from the monotonous work of manual analysis and gives them more time for threat response and proactive analysis.

Threat Actor Management

Leverage preventive intelligence to recognize potential threat actors and reducing the risk of similar attacks.

360 Degree Asset Management

Secure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all assets in your organization including servers, applications, endpoints, software, and users - from a single platform.

Security Orchestration and Automation

Unify Intel and SecOps teams for active threat hunting, faster incident response, solution development using advanced automation and orchestration.


Drive the maximum value out of your security stack by facilitating bi-directional integration and automating defensive measures at machine speeds.

Streamline and automate triaging and response by integrating “any tool with any tool” including SIEM, IDS/IPS, TIPs, EDR, Firewalls, Honeypots, and DevOps tools using advanced playbooks.


Strike the quintessential equilibrium between the need for speed and human oversight to reduce MTTR.

Expedite the incidence response in accordance with your organization's niche security requirements yet leaving room for human intervention for critical task approvals.

Advanced Playbooks

Leverage hundreds of advanced, out-of-the-box or custom Playbooks using drag and drop visual playbook editor to address complex and diverse attacks.

Automated Remote Actioning

Leverage unique orchestration between CFTR and CSAP to equip analysts with remote intel actioning and execute incident containment operations - by just a click of a button using a mobile device.

Threat Response

Resolve cyber threats faster and more efficiently by accelerating key security operations functions including detection, investigation, remediation, and lessons learned.

Threat Actor Tracking Engine

Produces a continuous threat footprint using ATT&CK by mapping TTPs used by Threat Actors against reported Incidents.


Machine Learning based incident correlation feature that enables the analyst to Connect the dots and establish contextual intelligence between seemingly isolated cyber events giving greater visibility into complex threat campaigns.

Triage Management

Preemptively respond to incidents to contextualize, prioritize, and dynamically queue potential risks in real-time and mitigate before they negatively impact.

Incident Analysis

Adopt a structured process to identify the source and the cause of incidents, analyze the extent of compromise for quick containment and minimize losses. Take learnings to reduce the risk of recurrence and deliver a faster response in the future.

Incident / Case Management Workflow

Reduce noise, false alarms, and MTTR with relevant threat intelligence ingestion, streamlined workflow automation, and sophisticated campaign management.

Find Related Incidents

Effectuate improved analyst decision-making through Machine learning based automated incident correlation on the basis of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) such as Domain Name, URL, IP, Hash etc.

Incident Ecosystem Graphical Visualizations

Deduce contextual intelligence through advanced visualizations created via Data Fusion spanning all dimensions of threats including incidents, campaigns, vulnerabilities, malware, threat actors, etc

Cyber Kill Chain

Again a greater understanding of the cyber kill chain to reduce dwell time and disrupt threats in record time with a high-speed response.

Historical Intelligence

Extract historical intelligence to perform real-time analysis of threats and rely on lessons learned, to avoid similar threats and incidents in the future.

Robust Action / Tasks Management

Strategically track and monitor threats, response operations, and mitigative efforts to completion, with a streamlined action tracking system.

Threat Briefing

Track, analyze, and initiate briefing discussions on incidents, vulnerabilities, actions, and other threats within threat response and security operations teams for closer coordination and monitoring.

Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs)

Guide Intel collectors and analysts towards providing the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions and manage organizational Intel resources throughout the depth of security operations.

Fang Defang

Neutralize malicious information with an obfuscated representation, so it is no longer dangerous if inadvertently clicked or automatically processed in error.

Multidimensional IP tracking

Gain the ability to reverse DNS malicious IP addresses and obtain incident threat information and malicious attributes related to it.

Strategic and Tactical Threat Intelligence Ingestion

Collate strategic and tactical threat intelligence from multiple sources and deduce operational intelligence in real-time for full threat management and effective response delivery.

Activity Logging

Gain the ability to log each field level user activity to have auditable records of who changed what and when.

Attack Prevention

Allow analysts to audit post-incident learnings to continually enhance security posture and maturity against similar threats in the future.

Enhancement Tracking

Prioritize enhancements and track post-incident learnings with auditable user actions and ongoing threat briefings.

SOC Metrics and Governance

Ameliorate the pain points of Senior Management including CISOs with features that help them in measuring people, process and technology efficacy to calculate the real ROI.

ROI Measurement

Quantify ROI through senior executives to measure the return on Investment through features including average incident/analyst/business cost, KRI and KPI calculation for the entire IR lifecycle and technology efficacy measurement to ensure state-of-the-art management reporting.

Roster Management

Effectively manage your threat response talent pool by not just assigning incidents, campaigns, actions, vulnerabilities, malware, and other threats to the right people, but also through effective tracking from start to closure.

SLA Management

Maintain and track Incident SLAs ensuring timely response to all incidents. Escalate matters to respective personnel through seamless notifications and ensure no incidents go unresponded.

Customized Dashboard

Leverage the full-feature customization flexibility and tailor the CFTR Dashboard to meet the unique threat response and management needs of your organization.

Metrics and Reporting

Combat emerging threats and trending attacks by receiving detailed metrics and reporting from your internal as well as external sources.

Knowledge Base

Create a single repository of threat diagnostic manuals, scripts, standard response procedures, model incidents, and threat case studies to complement the threat response team.

Custom Alarms

Never miss any critical incident updates or threat feeds with the fully customizable preference-based alarm feature. Set custom alarms based on schedule and task priority, and get alerted over SMS and Email.

Versatile Integration and Automation

Maximize ROI on your previous security investment by integrating and orchestrating with a variety of SIEM, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management tools.

Noise and False Alarm Reduction

Significantly reduce noise and false alarms through a detailed intel-driven view of threats from multiple verified and trusted sources.


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