CFTR Features

CFTR Features

Cyware Fusion and Threat Response

Cyber Fusion & Analysis

Leverage advanced cyber fusion capabilities to foster collaboration between disparate security teams and develop a 360-degree view of adversaries to deliver a complete threat response.


Draw contextual intelligence on complex threat campaigns, identify potential attacker trajectory, and establish hidden threat patterns by uncovering correlations between seemingly isolated threats and incidents.

Threat Intel Fusion

Fuse and correlate multi-sourced raw threat intelligence with malware, vulnerability, threat actor, and incident data in real-time to deduce finished contextual intelligence for effective and adaptive threat response.

Operational Threat Intelligence

Collect strategic, tactical, and technical threat intelligence from multiple sources and deduce operational intelligence through advanced correlation and analysis in real-time.

Threat Actor Tracking Engine

Identify and track threat actor footprints by continuously mapping their tactics and techniques against reported incidents using MITRE’s ATT&CKᵀᴹ Navigator.

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Integrated Threat Response

Extend beyond incident management to manage and respond to all kinds of security threats such as malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors using integrated threat databases.

Incident Response & Management

Manage the triage, investigation, and actioning of incidents within an automated, tiered/escalated response workflow with cyber fusion-powered collaboration between your internal security teams for a 360-degree response.

Vulnerability Management

Create a single database of vulnerabilities for tracking, mitigation, and correlation with malware, threat actors, assets, and incidents to proactively neutralizing any opportunities for their exploitation.

Malware Management

Reduce the risk of malware infection by tracking and monitoring all malware-related activity, including mitigation and containment measures from a single-window database, examining critical detection parameters for indicators of compromise (IOCs) and tactics and techniques.

Threat Actor Management

Stay a step ahead of threat actors by proactively tracking, managing, and taking action with complete visibility into their tactics, techniques, exploitation methods, and indicators of compromise through a dedicated action-oriented Threat Actor database.

Campaign Management

Group and classify malicious entities with innate similarities into distinctive threat campaigns for close monitoring and tracking, while maintaining overall strategic battle rhythm.

360 Degree Asset Management

Move beyond the top-down approach to manage cyber risk at the actual threat interface level. Secure all digital and human assets including servers, applications, endpoints, software, and human users by continuously maintaining, tracking, and taking actions on the threat profile of each asset.

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Triage Management & Case Management Workflow

Contextualize, prioritize, and dynamically queue potential risks in real-time with integrated triage and case management workflows.

Case Management Workflow

Manage multiple related incidents/threats from a single dashboard leveraging relevant threat intelligence ingestion, streamlined workflow automation, and sophisticated campaign management to reduce noise, false alarms, and overall MTTR.

Triage Management

Reduce analyst fatigue and false alarms with streamlined post-detection and incident triage systems powered by data enhancement, advanced correlation, and intel enrichment processes.

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Advanced Security Orchestration & Automation

Unify intel and SecOps teams for active threat hunting, faster incident response, and solution development using advanced automation and orchestration.

Security Orchestration

Streamline and automate triage and response at machine speed by bidirectionally integrating “any tool with any tool” including SIEM, IDS/IPS, TIPs, EDR, Firewalls, Honeypots, and DevOps tools.

Security Automation

Execute response and threat containment measures at machine-speed while leaving room for human interaction in critical and unconventional situations.

Advanced Playbooks

Leverage an extensive library of advanced, out-of-the-box Playbooks and customize with special drag and drop visual editor to automate response to complex and diverse attacks.

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Incident Analysis & Visualizations

Perform an in-depth analysis of the what, why, and how of security incidents with advanced analysis features, cost metrics, and intuitive graphical visualizations.

Incident Analysis

Adopt a structured process to perform in-depth root cause analysis of incidents with contextual correlation, historical intelligence, and intel enrichment. Draw learnings to curate and calibrate automated playbooks for proactive response in the future.

Incident Cost Metrics

Quantify incident costs for measurable indicators such as the average cost of an incident, cost per incident type, average cost per analyst, and other custom-cost metrics.

Related Incidents

Improve analyst decision-making, remove false-positives, and leverage past learnings through machine learning-powered incident correlation on the basis of indicators of compromise (IOCs) such as domain name, URL, IP, hash, etc.

Incident Graphical Visualizations

Understand threat trends, outliers, and patterns with advanced graphical visualizations created by connecting the dots between incidents, vulnerabilities, malware, threat actors, cost metrics, SLAs, etc.

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Action Management & Tracking

Strategically assign, track, and manage threat response and asset enhancement operations with a streamlined action tracking and enhancement implementation system.

Action Management

Assign actions related to threats, response operations, and mitigation tasks and track them to successful closure, with streamlined task management and action tracking system.

Enhancement Tracking

Track post-incident learnings and asset enhancements to successful implementation and closure with auditable user actions and threat briefings.

Threat Briefings

Track and initiate investigative discussions on threats and resources assigned to the threat response process while enhancing the overall threat response process through graduated improvements.

Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs)

Prioritize intelligence requirements for intel collectors and analysts for making timely and accurate decisions while ensuring all the corrective actions and enhancements are in place for preventing future attacks.

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Advanced Analyst Workbench

Arm your incident response team with advanced analyst workbench for critical tasks related to malicious IP tracking, activity logging, custom alarms, and threat analysis.

  • Fang / Defang
  • Multidimensional IP Tracking
  • Activity Logging
  • Historical Intelligence
  • Email Ingestion
  • Knowledge Base
  • Custom Alarms

Security Metrics & Governance

Direct, control, and monitor the efficacy of threat response operations with integrated governance and metrics capabilities.

  • Custom Dashboards and Reports
  • ROI Measurement
  • Roster Management
  • SLA Management
  • Built-in Support Management
  • Noise and False Alarm Reduction

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