Cyware Orchestrate

An Any-to-Any Vendor Agnostic Orchestration platform for connecting & automating Cyber, IT, and DevOps workflows across Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid environments.

Cyware Orchestrate


Security Automation And Orchestration

Independent Decoupled Any-to-Any Orchestration Platform

Automate and Orchestrate with flexibility using Cyware Orchestrate’s independent orchestration module by picking and choosing from out of the box integrations & customizations for your unique technology stack enabling you to seamlessly connect all of your workflows across Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid deployments.

SOAR Platform

Out-of-the-Box and Customizable Integrations

Integrate and automate your workflows in and beyond the security domain using 250+ Apps through Cyware’s Integrations Appstore. Build custom apps by creating apps from scratch. Clone apps downloaded from our app store and edit them based on your business use-cases.

Soar Tools

Cost effective Orchestration as a Service

Ideal scalable decoupled orchestration solution for MSSPs, consultants, service providers enabling them to provide Next Gen SOCs to their customers.

With Cyware Orchestrate, Managed service providers can also cut down on infrastructure and resource costs and increase their bottom line.

Soar Cyber Security

Faster Threat Response

Respond Faster to impending threats and drastically reduce mean time to respond (MTTR) and increase operational efficiency by removing tedious, manual workflows in identifying, validating, and acting upon indicators of malicious behavior.

Foster real-time machine-to-machine and machine-to-human security orchestration for determining and acting on high-fidelity indicators. Communicate with relevant security tools and the asset owners for asset quarantining and indicator blacklisting.

Process Automation & Standardization

Process Automation & Standardization

Automate standard security processes and procedures to produce repeatable, expected results to dynamically address a vast variety of use-cases.

Granularly fine-tune logical workflows for optimum analyst participation and high availability and avoid deviation from defined processes, procedures, and policies.

SOAR Platform

Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Gain immediate and massive returns in time savings and increase ROI by deploying our versatile Security Orchestration Gateway and taking faster, smarter actions.

Increase the efficiency of your security staff in addressing large volumes of data, logs, and alarms at machine speed to reduce burnout and cover more ground.

SOAR Platform

Full Customization & Independent Functionality

Adopt a flexible approach towards security with advanced customization capability for manual or full automation based on your security architecture design and incident response process.

Segregate security automation from case management by deploying our independent Security Orchestration Gateway along with our security-specific, NIST 800-61 compliant case management platform.

Cyware Orchestrate Features

Enable vendor-neutral “any-to-any ” tool orchestration across multiple deployment environments with automated playbooks, flexible APIs and full customization features.

Cyware Orchestrate

Advanced Playbook Canvas

Experience the playbooks feature with an easy-to-use and robust playbook canvas. Simply drag-and-drop to add various elements or nodes to develop logical and intuitive workflows for your orchestration needs.

Cyware Orchestrate

Next-Generation Nested Playbooks

Create sub-playbooks for all the redundant actions shared across multiple processes and leverage them to create more complex playbooks without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Cyware Orchestrate

Dedicated Appstore with 250+ Integrations

Install applications built by third parties to create technology integrations or create your own connectors and actions directly on the platform.

Cyware Orchestrate

Flexible API

Utilize a rich RESTful API to easily and effortlessly build interoperable integrations with custom tools, cloud-deployed resources, on-premises technologies, or third-party tools.

Cyware Orchestrate

Out-of-the-Box Playbooks

Jumpstart automation and orchestration efforts by cloning our pre-built playbooks and customizing them to your specific workflows.

Cyware Orchestrate

Data Synchronization

Seamlessly orchestrate the voluminous data flow between disparate tools and technologies used by IT, ITSM, DevOps, and SecOps teams.

Cyware Orchestrate

Granular Access Control

Gain granular control over platform features by assigning user privileges based on group memberships.

Cyware Orchestrate

Audit Playbook Executions

Easily review detailed runtime information to assist in playbook debugging and enhancements.

Cyware Orchestrate

Schedule Playbooks

Make use of playbook scheduling features in specificity and take control of playbook invocation by utilizing cron expression.

Cyware Orchestrate

Export and Import Logic

Maintain version control and harness the ability to move playbooks between instances by importing and exporting playbooks directly in the interface or automate the process by leveraging our API.

Cyware Orchestrate

Visual Editor

Create powerful automation capabilities rapidly by creating logical workflows from the user-friendly Visual Playbook Editor.

Cyware Orchestrate

Powerful Customization

Harness the power of a secure development-environment built upon and supporting Python to massage, manipulate, and normalize data by creating custom functions directly in the Visual Playbook Editor easily and efficiently.

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