Tools to Enhance Sharing for ISAC/ISAO Members

Cyware offers multiple solutions for ISAC/ISAO members to achieve end-to-end threat intelligence sharing and collective defense. Cyware’s suite of threat intelligence solutions has been designed to help ISAC/ISAO members gain greater threat visibility and cyber resilience through actionable threat intelligence sharing and workflow automation.

Personalized Threat Intelligence Solutions for ISAC/ISAO Members

Browser Extension

Get a free browser extension with CTIX Enterprise, CTIX Lite, and CTIX Spoke.

  • Gather threat intelligence automatically from web pages and CTIX instances using advanced ML and NLP capabilities.
  • Save analyst time by automatically identifying indicators, threat actors, vulnerability, malware, and attack patterns.
  • Create a more enriched and contextual threat feed on the go.
  • Available for security teams using CTIX platform editions.

Cyware Community

Get free access to Cyware's premium threat intelligence utilities for advanced analysis.

  • CVSS Calculator
  • Fang/Defang
  • Encode/Decode - Base 64
  • Free Text to STIX 1.x, 2.x converter
  • STIX Objects (SDOs) Recognition from Free text using Cyware’s Advanced ML and NLP algorithm


Automated alert aggregation and strategic threat intelligence sharing platform.

  • Collect strategic threat intelligence from your ISAC/ISAO, commercial feed providers, OSINT Sources, regulatory bodies, CERTs, etc.
  • Enrich and anonymize threat intelligence and incident data before sharing it with your ISAC/ISAO Hub or Members, internal security teams, vendors, etc.
  • Aggregate and share real-time threat alerts with your security teams, vendors, and peers based on role, location, and sector.

CTIX Enterprise

Hub and Spoke-based technical threat intelligence sharing and automation platform (TIP).

  • Receive and share technical threat indicators (IOC) with your ISAC/ISAO, commercial feed providers, OSINT sources, CERTs, etc. in a bidirectional manner.
  • Create your own trusted sharing community with your business units, vendors, clients, etc.
  • Fully automate the entire end-to-end threat intelligence lifecycle - ingestion, enrichment, analysis, sharing, and actioning.


Threat intelligence platform (TIP) for ISAC/ISAO members who do not have commercial feeds.

  • Elevate your threat intelligence program by enabling multi-source ingestion from ISACs/ISAOs, Commercial TI Providers, OSINT, etc.
  • Gain access to Pre-loaded premium intelligence feeds (Flashpoint, Cyware Threat Feed, PolySwarm) and enrichment sources (alphaMountain, PolySwarm).
  • Leverage smart automation to streamline threat intelligence workflows.

CTIX Spoke

Threat intelligence processing and collaboration platform for ISAC/ISAO members.

  • Begin your threat intelligence journey without committing to an expensive enterprise-class TIP.
  • Boost your situational awareness by receiving and sharing pertinent threat intelligence with your ISAC/ISAO.
  • Operationalize threat intelligence workflows by leveraging best-in-the-class ingestion, analysis, and processing features.


Cyware’s open-source TAXII client for ingesting and sharing threat intelligence.

  • Leverage out-of-box Python library to collect or share threat intelligence from/with your ISAC/ISAO Hub.
  • Collect technical threat intelligence from STIX sources such as Cyware Threat Feed, Commercial Feed Providers, etc.
  • Perform orchestration (if you have a TIP platform) actions with your SIEM and EDR platforms.

MISP Connector

Cyware’s out-of-the-box connector for MISP Users.

  • Integrate MISP with your ISAC’s/ISAO’s CTIX Enterprise.
  • Enable threat intelligence ingestion and sharing with your ISAC/ISAO hub’s CTIX Enterprise platform.
  • Enhance threat intelligence sharing participation rate for your ISAC/ISAO by contributing to the threat data pool.

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