Cyber frauds are now abusing the brand name of Nvidia in their fake giveaway scam to steal cryptocurrency. They are using the upcoming 30th Nvidia anniversary as a lure to a fake 50,000 Bitcoin giveaway

How does the scam work?

A fake website has been created by scammers dedicated to Nvidia’s 30th anniversary, which offers a large bitcoin giveaway. On the splash screen of the fake website, a company logo and CEO's name (Jensen Huang) are shown. 
  • Subsequently, the visitors are urged or asked to select a category to take part in the ongoing event.
  • In reality, there is nothing to select from as there is only a single big button with the words Bitcoin giveaway.
  • After clicking the button, the user is led to a page with detailed information regarding the mythical giveaways. 

The main condition for taking part in the event is to make a contribution by the users themselves, such as buying a lottery ticket. Further, the users are promised to get double their money back, along with a chance to win 50,000 BTC.

More details

  • The address of the crypto wallet for making a transfer is given in the instructions. Further, at the very bottom of the page, online broadcasting shows winnings paid out by organizers.
  • For an added touch of legitimacy, the fraudsters have created a fake Nvidia support chat as well. Though, it's not known who responds to users’ messages, the criminals or a robot.

Staying safe

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of human greed by offering tempting offers to win crypto giveaways. Thus, experts suggest staying away from such too good to be true offers and learning to spot such scams. Further, use a reliable security solution that alerts against suspicious websites.
Cyware Publisher