Technical Support Plans

Proactive and predictive support for organizations across all industries.

Cyware's made-to-measure support plans ensure the best outcomes for your organization by providing the right blend of interactive and emergency support services. Our three-tiered support model offers you flexibility and coverage with access to support services that are prompt, efficient, cost-effective, and readily available when you need them the most.

Here are the support models we offer

Number of Support Desk Accounts One Two Ten
Business Hour Availability Yes Yes Yes
After-Hours Availability for High Priority Issues No Yes (24x5) Yes (24x7x365)
Online Support Desk Portal 24x7 Access 24x7 Access 24x7 Access
Service Pack Updates, Bug Fixes, New Application Builds/Versions, Backend Enhancements, Security Patches Included in the Plan Included in the Plan Included in the Plan
Annual Web-based Training No No Yes
Technical Support Manager (Single point of contact) No No Yes

* Business Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Local time zone

Support Ticket Priorities and Definitions

Support Tickets received by the Cyware Support Team will be given a Priority Code from 1 – 5 based on definitions provided below. The Priority Code will be the basis for assigning resources to the request.

Priority 1

Critical Business Impact

A Priority 1 issue has a critical impact on the Software’s functionality, usability, and overall business operations. This Priority level can also be used if the production environment is down.

Priority 2

Significant Business Impact

A Priority 2 issue indicates a potentially significant business impact that has caused a partial failure or mild degradation of the Software’s critical features in the production environment.

Priority 3

Limited Business Impact

A Priority 3 issue indicates a potentially limited business impact and the cases where some of the features which are not critical to business operations are unavailable.

Priority 4

Minimal Business Impact

A Priority 4 issue indicates that Users are able to access almost all the resources and there is very minimal impact on business operations with a temporary workaround being implemented.

Priority 5

No Business Impact

A Priority 5 issue is used to make suggestions or request assistance with the application. A Priority 5 issue does not indicate any issue with the Software that requires immediate attention.

Ticket Types and Definitions



A bug is a flaw, failure, or error in the Software that causes it to return unexpected results.
Technical Issue

Technical Issue

Technical Issues are Support tickets that require technical assistance for resolution.


Feedback is a Support ticket type used to provide feedback related to the Software.
New Feature Request

New Feature Request

New Feature Requests are Support ticket types used to share ideas or requests for new product functionality and features, or changes to existing features.
How To

How To

How To questions are inquiry-based ticket types that are raised to gather additional information on the operationality of Software features, functionalities, etc.

Maintenance and Product Releases

All Support packages include a maintenance plan that includes software upgrades, bug-fixes, patches, error corrections and enhancements that Cyware will provide to clients. The schedule of releases may change over time in response to customer input, market evolution and development constraints.

Cyware follows a standard procedure for installing server patches in the Client’s Production environment. Cyware will verify the operational continuity of applications and associated services according to the post-patching procedure provided to Clients hosting Cyware's applications.

Product Releases may include

Major releases containing functional enhancements, modifications, or extensions according to the product’s roadmap.

Planned Maintenance releases are minor releases limited to error corrections and bug fixes.

Critical Security Hotfixes or Workarounds or Patches may be provided on an as-needed basis for critical vulnerabilities.

Cyware’s Service Level Guarantee

In an effort to meet the specific needs and budgets of each customer, Cyware offers a variety of Technical Support Plans (TSP) with all support queries being handled by trained technical experts. We value the urgency and operational imperativeness of our clients and therefore, provide them a direct escalation path to our senior management team. Cyware's technical support plan draws its roots from the company vision of providing a 24x7 responsive and functional security ecosystem for real-time threat intelligence sharing and 360-degree threat management.

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