Telegram - The New Cybercrime Marketplace

Telegram - The New Cybercrime Marketplace - Cybersecurity news
Telegram is better for anonymous communication compared to in-forum messaging services always monitored by admins. It provides threat actors with almost real-time encrypted communications.

The 2021 Top Malware Strains: Check’em Out

The 2021 Top Malware Strains: Check’em Out - Cybersecurity news
The CISA and the ACSC, in a new joint advisory, listed the top 11 malware strains from 2021, including Agent Testa, AZORult, Formbook, Ursnif, and LokiBot, among others. Many malware developers frequently operate from locations where there are few legal restrictions on malware development and deplo ... Read More

Hackers Exploit Hostinger's Preview Domain Feature to Launch Phishing Campaigns

A team of security researchers from CloudSEK has discovered a new phishing tactic used by threat actors (TA) to target Indian banking customers via preview domains from Hosting Provider Hostinger.

GwisinLocker Ransomware Targets Linux Systems in South Korea

Dubbed GwisinLocker, the malware was detected by ReversingLabs on July 19 while undertaking successful campaigns targeting firms in the industrial and pharmaceutical space.

A Slack Bug Exposed Some Users’ Hashed Passwords for 5 Years

Slack has revealed that one of its low-friction features contained a vulnerability, now fixed, that exposed cryptographically scrambled versions of some users' passwords.

Twitter fixes bug that exposed at least 5.4M accounts

Twitter says it has fixed a security vulnerability that allowed threat actors to compile information of 5.4 million Twitter accounts, which were listed for sale on a known cybercrime forum.

New Traffic Light Protocol standard released after five years

Compared to TLP 1.0, TLP 2.0 replaces the TLP:WHITE label with TLP:CLEAR and adds an additional TLP: AMBER+STRICT label for an extra limited disclosure level within organizations.

India scraps data protection law, promises better successor

On Wednesday, telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw tweeted that the bill was nixed because the Joint Committee of Parliament (JCP) recommended 81 amendments to the Bill's 99 sections.

Neurology Practice Notifies 363,000 Individuals That PHI Was Posted on Dark Web

An Indiana neurology practice is notifying nearly 363,000 individuals that their sensitive information was compromised in a recent ransomware attack - and that some of their data was posted on the dark web.

U.S. CISA and Australia's ACSC Release List of 2021’s Top Malware Strains

As per the advisory, the top malware strains of 2021 include Agent Tesla, AZORult, Formbook, Ursnif, LokiBot, MOUSEISLAND, NanoCore, Qakbot, Remcos, TrickBot and GootLoader.

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