FortiGuard Labs Discovers Multiple Critical Zero Day Vulnerabilities in Adobe Illustrator

They are identified as CVE-2021-21103, CVE-2021-21104, and CVE-2021-21105. All these vulnerabilities have different root causes related to a variety of Illustrator Plugins.

Spearphishing Attack Uses COVID-21 Lure to Target Ukrainian Government

FortiGuard Labs has discovered yet another COVID-themed lure designed to compel unsuspecting victims to click on what appears to be an innocuous link that leads to a malicious zip file attachment.

Deep Analysis: FormBook New Variant Delivered in Phishing Campaign – Part III

When FormBook starts in a target process, it loads an ntdll.dll module and then overrides its data with the deployed FormBook malware. This disguises FormBook as an ntdll.dll module when it runs.

Another BitCoin Exchange Scam—This Time “Live” on YouTube

Essentially, this is a typical scam, much like the recent Bitcoin exchange scams seen on Twitter. But this is a first for the YouTube platform. And it also made the claim that it was LIVE.

Analysis of New FormBook Variant Delivered in Phishing Campaign

FormBook is a malware designed to steal sensitive information from a victim’s device as well as to receive control commands to perform additional malicious tasks on that device.

New FormBook Variant Delivered in Phishing Campaign

FortiGuard Labs captured a phishing campaign that was sending a Microsoft PowerPoint document as an email attachment to spread the new variant of the infamous FormBook malware.

Whitelist Me, Maybe? “Netbounce” Threat Actor Tries A Bold Approach To Evade Detection

The investigation led to the discovery of a new group called “Netbounce” and it exposed their malware delivery infrastructure. What made this stand out is their unique set of tools and techniques.

Why Threat Actors Continue to Rely on Cyber Fraud

While 2020 is gone, cyber fraud problems will continue in 2021. Cybercriminals will focus on maximizing their profits, using a traditional cost-benefit analysis to decide on the best attack vector.

New Bazar Trojan Variant is Being Spread in Recent Phishing Campaign

Bazar is a backdoor Trojan designed to target a device, collect sensitive information, control the system via commands, and deliver malware. Last year, it was observed delivering the TrickBot malware.

New Variant of Ursnif Continuously Targeting Italy

A few days ago, FortiGuard Labs detected a phishing campaign in the wild that was spreading a fresh variant of the Ursnif Trojan via an attached MS Word document that is continuously targeting Italy.

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