Cybercriminals Claim to Sell 50GB of Data Exfiltrated from OTP-Generating Company

Apart from OTP codes, other data included in the sale involved personally identifiable information (PII) such as SMS logs, mobile numbers, email addresses, SMPP details, customer documents, and more.

WhatsApp Pink is malware spreading through group chats

An unusual baiting technique has appeared with the WhatsApp users receiving links, masked as an official update, that claim to turn the application’s theme from its trademark green to pink.

2021 and Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

Instead of coming to a standstill, if anything, 2020 saw an increase in cybersecurity threats as criminals found new ways to take advantage of vulnerabilities and infiltrate business systems.

Indian Supply-Chain Giant Bizongo Exposed 643GB of Sensitive Data

Bizongo, an online packaging marketplace has suffered a data leak in which the company left highly sensitive customer information unsecured and potentially exposed to hackers and other malicious individuals.

Android apps on APKPure store caught spreading malware

APKPure, a popular third-party and unofficial alternative hub to download Android and iOS applications, was recently infiltrated with malware that is used to download Trojans to other Android devices.

Facebook ads dropped malware posing as Clubhouse app for PC

Threat actors are delivering Facebook ads promoting Clubhouse app for PC to deliver the malware. The attackers have used the old tactics again because the PC version of the Clubhouse app is not yet released.

Fake LinkedIn job offers scam spreading More_eggs backdoor

Researchers warn that the More_eggs backdoor can also exfiltrate data from a device putting your social media accounts, emails, browsing history, cryptocurrency wallets at risk of being stolen.

Update: Cl0p ransomware gang leaks sensitive data from 6 US universites

In a recent update, the infamous Cl0p ransomware group claimed to gain access to financial documents and passport information belonging to students and staff from six top universities in the US.

Call Center Provider Experiences Major Data Leak

From the time when it was exposed till when it was secured again, the database logged 1.48 million robocalls altogether and the majority of the calls were outgoing but some callbacks were also logged.

Sensitive data from US shipping management software firm exposed online

The data, which belonged to New Jersy based Descartes Aljex Software, was exposed by a misconfigured AWS S3 Bucket which left it unsecured and vulnerable to intrusion by attackers.

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