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Cyware Extends “Format-Agnostic” Support for Strategic Threat Intelligence Sharing

Cyware Extends “Format-Agnostic” Support for Strategic Threat Intelligence Sharing

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Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) has been fortified in version 2.4. This version extends support to over “25 file types”, allowing seamless sharing of strategic threat intelligence by enterprises and information sharing communities (ISACs/ISAOs). 

Until version 2.3, security teams could leverage several audio, visual, and documentation formats to share threat intelligence and alerts with users. The latest version provides more power to organizations. With an extended range of support for different file types, organizations can maximize the consumption and sharing of strategic threat intelligence.

How does the feature work?
  • The CSAP Analyst Portal provides centralized control over file types for both the dashboard and the member portal.
  • CSAP Admins can enable or disable the support for various file formats using the built-in toggle switches.

The file-support has been extended to the following CSAP features:
  • Threat Alerts
  • Threat Intelligence Sharing
  • Cyber Incident Reporting
  • Request for Information
  • Document Library

Increased intel sharing participation for ISACs
Intel sharing participation rate has always been a cause of concern for the information-sharing communities. With the extended file sharing support, now ISAC and ISAO member organizations can share more information without having to engage in the manual and time-consuming task of converting files into limited supported formats. 

Threat intelligence sharing is indispensable in the current threat landscape, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With the extended file sharing support, sharing of threat intelligence is made flawless, setting a new milestone in the history of threat intel sharing.


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Posted on: July 03, 2020

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