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Cyware Launches CTIX Lite, a Lightweight Threat Intelligence Solution for Small to Mid-sized Security Teams

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NEW YORK - December 1, 2020 - Cyware, the leading provider of threat intelligence and cyber fusion solutions, announced the launch of their latest solution - CTIX Lite. CTIX Lite is a comprehensive solution offering premium threat intelligence feeds, enrichment, and automation capabilities in a single platform. As part of this initial launch, Cyware has partnered with industry leaders Flashpoint, Bambenek, PolySwarm, and Comodo to include built-in threat intelligence data and enrichment sources at no additional cost to customers.

By combining premium feeds and enrichment sources in an advanced yet easy-to-use threat intelligence automation platform, Cyware has addressed a large market gap for middle-market companies. Presently, the majority of threat intelligence platforms available in the market are designed for large enterprises which security teams of smaller size and budgets are unable to afford or properly operate. CTIX Lite has been purposefully designed to address these challenges and put smaller teams on an equal footing with their larger peers in terms of achieving smarter and faster security operations. 

“Bad actors don’t discriminate, and smaller companies equally need the capability to be able to automatically ingest, enrich, analyze, and take action upon threat intelligence,” said Akshat Jain, co-founder and CTO of Cyware. “With the launch of CTIX Lite, we are making actionable intelligence more accessible, achievable, and affordable for a much broader pool of security teams and at one-fifth of the cost of traditional threat intel platforms.”

CTIX Lite simplifies security operations by making relevant threat data and indicators of compromise more usable and manageable for security teams. The lightweight architecture enables security teams to automatically ingest and parse structured and unstructured intel. The platform allows teams to enrich threat data and take action on the company’s internal cloud or on-premise hosted SIEM using pre-defined automation rules. By including premium feeds and enrichment sources in the platform, CTIX Lite offers unprecedented value to security teams while also equipping them with curated and contextualized threat data without having to spend extra money on feeds or enrichment services.

"At Flashpoint, we aim to deliver threat intelligence that is truly actionable for our clients. This means feeding our intelligence directly into the tools and workflows of the security teams who use it everyday,” said Jan Johansen, Executive Director of Partnerships at Flashpoint. “With Flashpoint data at the core of Cyware’s CTIX Lite solution, we extend this promise and deliver actionable threat intelligence to middle market security teams worldwide.”

"PolySwarm gives Threat Intelligence teams and SOC analysts the intelligence they need to effectively detect, analyze, and respond to threats," stated Steve Bassi, CEO of PolySwarm. "We're excited to partner with Cyware and provide CTIX Lite customers timely access to the latest malware (including Ransomware), more accurate file reputation, and unique threat intelligence to help protect their infrastructure."

If you are interested in learning more about the new CTIX Lite solution, register for the upcoming live webinar on December 17 at Noon EST.

CTIX Lite is available to select organizations based on the size of their security team and other additional criteria. To see if your organization qualifies or to request a personalized demo, visit https://cyware.com/ctix-lite

About Cyware
Cyware offers the technology organizations need to build a virtual cyber fusion center. With separate but integrated solutions including an advanced threat intel platform (TIP), vendor-agnostic security automation (SOAR), and security case management, organizations are able to increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs and analyst burn out. Cyware's virtual cyber fusion solutions make secure collaboration, information sharing, and enhanced threat visibility a reality for enterprises, sharing communities (ISAC/ISAO), MSSPs, and government agencies of all sizes and needs. To learn more about Cyware, visit cyware.com.


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Posted on: December 01, 2020

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