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Cyware’s New Multi-Tenancy Dashboard Enables MSSPs to Gain Threat Visibility Across Customer Environments

Cyware’s New Multi-Tenancy Dashboard Enables MSSPs to Gain Threat Visibility Across Customer Environments

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Managed security service providers (MSSPs) must have capabilities to support multiple tenants simultaneously—each with their own security processes, tools, and SLAs. From threat detection to security deployments, MSSPs need visibility into all their tenants’ security operations to keep a track of their changing needs.

Cyware’s advanced threat response platform, Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR), comes with an MSSP Dashboard that enables MSSP teams to seamlessly manage security incidents, SLAs, and resources across their customers through a single, centralized dashboard.

Benefits of Cyware’s MSSP Dashboard

MSSPs need to track tenant incident data and align resources, which is possible with the new centralized capability of the CFTR MSSP dashboard. By using it, MSSPs can reap significant benefits, including:

  • Single Pane of Glass View: MSSPs get a dedicated dashboard that provides centralized visibility to all KRAs/KPIs data in one place. As a result, there would be no need to switch between multiple instances to look at each tenant’s metrics. 

  • Time Savings: The MSSP dashboard depicts multiple data sources into a single interface, allowing MSSPs to see a detailed overview of their tenants’ resources in one quick glance. This reduces the amount of time MSSPs take to compile reports.

  • Data Transparency: Data can be the most important asset of an organization if its decision makers can understand and access it. CFTR’s well-designed MSSP dashboard offers on-demand access to all of the important metrics.

  • Interactivity: The CFTR MSSP dashboard provides a dynamic experience. Instead of collecting static information, MSSPs can filter data as well as interact with visual charts to see changes over time. This means MSSPs can gather as much or as little detail on the metrics they want.

Unique Features of Cyware’s MSSP Dashboard

Besides providing visibility across data points like resources deployed in all the tenants’ environments, MSSP dashboard has several key features like: 

  • Multi-Tenancy Monitoring: Earlier MSSPs had to login into separate tenants’ systems to access relevant data but now with the MSSP dashboard they can have a single source of data for multi-tenants. They can view multi-tenant data grouping as well as tenant-wise data sharing based on tenants’ consent. Also, the tenants have the option to not allow the parent instance to access their data by disabling the data flow.

  • SLA Management: CFTR supports personalized SLA management that allows analysts to customize response times according to the geography and industry of the tenants. 

  • Incident Management: Every tenant of an MSSP has different fields in a way they investigate and manage the incidents. The customizable incident management feature of CFTR helps MSSPs customize workflows depending on the incident fields used by a particular tenant.

  • Resource Management: One of the key features of an MSSP dashboard is that it helps MSSPs in efficient resource management of the resources they employ at each tenant’s deployment environment. 


MSSPs need to access each of their tenants’ dashboard/systems to gather data about their high-level metrics, which is time consuming. CFTR provides a single dashboard where they can view data of all tenants together, positioning MSSPs ahead in tracking key metrics, data, and trends related to incidents, threats, assets, and other aspects.

To learn more about CFTR’s MSSP dashboard, request a demo now!


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Posted on: June 30, 2022

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