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Cyware’s RFI Capability is Driving Enhanced Threat Intel Collaboration within Security Teams

Cyware’s RFI Capability is Driving Enhanced Threat Intel Collaboration within Security Teams

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There’s always a need for more information, more so importantly in the security domain wherein cybersecurity teams are always on their feet in search of actionable intelligence to counter adversaries. The Request for Information (RFI) capability in Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) is driving the next-level collaboration within security teams by enabling wider access to threat intelligence through a centralized, single window dashboard. 

With CSAP’s RFI capability, security teams are making faster and smarter decisions by sharing relevant and contextual information on threats while partnering to drive enhanced collaboration and knowledge building.

RFI Benefits for Security Teams 

Information sharing involves collaboration. Our RFI feature creates a collaborative environment for CSAP users. Let’s find out more about the benefits it provides!

  • Request Pertinent Information Quickly: Security team members who need quick access to information on any incident, malware, vulnerability, or threat actor for any kind of security decision making or actioning can quickly raise such requests using this feature.

  • Collaborate and Create Shared Intel: Security teams can collaborate to create intelligence with more added context and enriched data and gain access to new threat insights.

What’s Unique About the Feature?

The CSAP users can collaborate as well as receive and share contextualized threat information in real-time. What more?

  • The RFI feature enables security teams to directly create alerts from RFIs submitted by their security team members. Not only does this accelerate the feedback loop, but it also saves significant time in creating alerts.

  • The feature allows security teams to engage in bi-directional communication with members who have raised RFI requests through a real-time comment box enabling faster delivery of actionable, relevant, and contextual information. 

  • The CSAP members receiving RFI-based alerts can share more contextualized intelligence via a dedicated response box.


The RFI feature in Cyware’s CSAP platform enables security teams to gain access to pertinent threat information using a centralized dashboard while enabling collaboration. Several enterprise security teams and information sharing communities (ISACs and ISAOs) are using this capability to improve security collaboration while creating shared learnings for organization and community-wide situational awareness. Cyware’s RFI capability eliminates dependence on frugal and non-standard means for accessing critical information while streamlining entire information sharing management under a single roof. 

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Posted on: March 28, 2022

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