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Democratizing Actionable Threat Intelligence with the Launch of CTIX Lite

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Today, we are excited to announce CTIX Lite, a new solution that is purpose-built for small to mid-sized security teams who are often too constrained to implement and use a threat intelligence solution. CTIX Lite offers an out-of-the-box threat intelligence platform (TIP), premium feeds, and enrichment in a single, affordable solution. As part of this announcement, we are thrilled to also share that we are partnering with Flashpoint, Bambenek, PolySwarm, and Comodo to offer their premium intelligence feeds, built directly into the solution, at no added cost.

Security teams of all sizes are often put in a position where there is more work and incoming incidents than there are resources to handle them, especially in a timely manner. For large organizations that have larger budgets and teams, this is solved through acquiring various technology and building out complex workflows. However, for small, constrained security teams, the required technology is often out of reach due to a lack of expertise, budget, and resources. This is why we created CTIX Lite.

Bad actors don’t discriminate and smaller companies equally require the capability to be able to automatically ingest, enrich, analyze, and take action upon threat intelligence. With the launch of CTIX Lite, we are democratizing actionable intelligence by making it more accessible, achievable, and affordable for a much broader pool of security teams.

CTIX Lite is the first complete and fully automated, lightweight threat intel solution that provides never-before-seen value and usability to small and mid-sized security teams through four key components:

  • Automation: All-in-one solution enables automation throughout the entire threat intelligence lifecycle to accelerate a proactive defense from ingestion to action.
  • Bundled Premium Feeds & Enrichment: Built-in premium threat intel feeds that never expire (Flashpoint, Bambenek, PolySwarm) plus enrichment sources to add contextual information to your data for no additional charge (PolySwarm, Comodo).
  • Affordability: CTIX Lite is available for one-fifth the cost of other enterprise threat intel platforms (TIPs), yes you read that right, one-fifth.
  • 30-Minute Cloud Deployment: Our team helps guide you through a quick and easy deployment, reducing onboarding lead time and saving you valuable time and resources.

By combining premium feeds and enrichment sources in an easy-to-use threat intelligence automation platform, we are addressing this large market gap for small to mid-sized security teams. CTIX Lite is designed to address these challenges and put smaller teams on an equal footing with their larger peers in terms of achieving efficient and rapid security operations. And, with our new partnerships with Flashpoint, Bambenek, PolySwarm, and Comodo, we are able to deliver unprecedented value in a single solution to smaller security teams.

CTIX Lite simplifies security operations by making relevant threat data and indicators of compromise more usable and manageable for security teams. The lightweight architecture enables security teams to automatically ingest and parse structured and unstructured intel. The platform allows teams to enrich threat data and take action on the company’s internal cloud or on-premise hosted SIEM using pre-defined automation rules. By including premium feeds and enrichment sources in the platform, CTIX Lite offers unprecedented value to security teams while also equipping them with curated and contextualized threat data without having to spend extra money on feeds or enrichment services.

If you are interested in learning more about the new CTIX Lite solution, join us on December 17 at Noon EST for a live webinar.

CTIX Lite is available to select organizations based on the size of their security team and other additional criteria. To see if your organization qualifies or to request a personalized demo, visit https://cyware.com/ctix-lite


ctix lite

Posted on: December 02, 2020

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