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From Last-Mile Delivery to Last-Mile Actions: CSAP Powers Them All

From Last-Mile Delivery to Last-Mile Actions: CSAP Powers Them All

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Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) version 2.4 now comes with a new and improved Action feature allowing security teams to directly assign or recommend security actions for threat mitigation and prevention. 

How does the feature work?
The new “Action” feature works in a two-fold manner:  

Alert-Integrated Action Assignment
  • New Actions: CSAP Member portal users can assign Actions directly from threat alerts to their peers in the organization. The Action assignor can set a due date for the assignee to finish the task and can also change the assignee based on the requirements.
  • Recommended Actions: These Actions do not come with a due date and can be understood as “good to have but not must-have” actions. Recommended Actions can also be created by CSAP Analysts, from the Analyst Portal, based on their analysis or information collected from other intelligence sources. These Recommended Actions can be converted into Actions by the recipients. 

Alert-Independent Action Assignment
  • CSAP Member portal users can also create and assign actions that are not related or tied to threat alerts. 
  • These Alert-independent Actions streamline the process of executing day-to-day threat mitigation and containment tasks that otherwise are carried out using unstructured and frugal means such as spreadsheets and emails. 

Is there a way to track Actions?
  • Centralized View: CSAP users can track Actions created by or assigned to them via a single dashboard in the member portal. 
  • Comments: Each Action comes with an integrated comment box allowing the assignor and assignee to engage in discussions or follow up on the progress of the created action. 
  • Email Alerts: To help CSAP users keep a track of the Actions, automated email alerts are also shared with them to notify them of various phases of the Action management lifecycle, such as Action assignment, Assignee change, and Action closure. 

The closing line
In a nutshell, CSAP 2.4 brings to you an absolute delight in the form of a sophisticated Action feature. This enables security teams with the capability of assigning actions, as never before. The new-found freedom in assigning actions ensures a methodical mitigation of threats.   


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Posted on: July 03, 2020

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