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Get More Out of Your Discussions with Custom Topics and File Attachments in CSAP’s Secure Messenger

Get More Out of Your Discussions with Custom Topics and File Attachments in CSAP’s Secure Messenger

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Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) is an information-sharing platform filled with new and improved features designed to streamline the process of sharing updated security alerts and intelligence in real-time with employees, clients, trusted peers and other relevant end-users via web and mobile. To ensure users exchange information in a secure and efficient manner, some new features have been added to help simplify and customize the process.

What’s new?
With CSAP's secure messaging platform, an organization’s proactive personnel can now create custom topics of their choice and attach multiple files to enhance discussions, research and problem-solving in a secure manner.

Rather than compounding existing discussions with multiple topics, the analyst can create separate, focused discussions on important, pertinent issues via rapid, secure chats and response communications in a secure and efficient manner.

How does it work?
CSAP users can now create specific topics based on ongoing organizational processes and issues, topical news, mitigation efforts and more within Secure Messenger. An analyst can create a new, separate discussion on a new banking trojan making the rounds, for example. Beyond giving analysts additional flexibility and customization options within CSAP’s Secure Messenger, this new feature also ensures no topic goes unnoticed, it is given due attention and addressed in a timely manner.

For instance, an analyst can attach relevant documents on a specific Trojan that detail its IOCs, TTPs observed and suggested mitigation efforts to infuse the discussion with a host of important details in an organized way. Everything shared on Secure Messenger stays within the network.

Every organization must proactively prepare to communicate and respond to issues in a secure and efficient manner using a centralized and organized communication hub. CSAP ensures all information shared via its Secure Messenger is safe secure in both transit and storage. For a company wishing to exchange multiple sensitive documents that may include details about compromised systems, new threat intel, cybercrime research and other confidential data, safe and secure encryption within CSAP’s Secure Messenger offers employees the perfect, trusted avenue to ensure efficient, fruitful and secure communications when they matter most.

Why is this important?
When it comes to transfer and exchange of valuable and confidential information between individuals within or beyond an organization, security is the king. CSAP’s newly added features within our built-in Secure Messenger offers its users key functionalities such as network protection, confidentiality, data encryption and enhanced controls to better organize and conduct discussions.

CSAP’s newly added capabilities not only promote healthier and valuable topic-based discussions, but also enhance organizational interoperability. Secure Messenger is fast, effective, auditible and secure, mitigating any worries over the transmission of confidential data and internal communications via the platform. It also helps focus these secure communications towards creating solutions of value and need, ensuring an organization has all the right tools to best deal with any situation.


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Posted on: June 30, 2018

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