Cyware Situational
Awareness Platform (CSAP)

Delivers Right Information, to the Right Individuals, at the Right Time, in the Right Format.

What is Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP)?

CSAP is a 24/7, online, collaborative situational awareness and information-sharing platform to increase awareness of evolving cyber threat landscape.

We believe that the security industry is in need of a revolution – moving away from reactionary, event based strategies towards a proactive, intelligence-led security communication approach.

To meet this objective, we designed a platform that promotes a relevant, priority-focused, role based communication and breaks down walls between teams, processes, and technology to establish a singular view of threat, and increase speed of action.

CSAP leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of cyber situational updates, advisories, and alerts based on recipient's role and location.

Core Differentiating Features

Automated Cyber Alerts

Sends alerts on latest incidents, breaches, malware, vulnerabilities, and threat methods, using artificial intelligence / machine learning to ensure alerts are delivered in real time.

Cyber Situational Awareness

Allows organizations to share daily cyber threat briefs, notifications about phishing attacks and security incidents in real-time with their employees over the web, email, and smartphone.

Micro-role-based Cyber Updates

Disseminates cyber updates as short-burst in different formats (advisories, analytical reports, learnings, situational updates, actionable alerts etc.).

Location Based Updates

Allows delivery of real-time cyber updates, alerts, and advisories to employees based on their location (country, state, city, or company site).

Crisis Communication

Allows organizations to send mass emergency alerts (call tree message) to all or a subset of employees to alert them in case of a cyber crisis.

Suspicious Incident Reporting

Allows employees to report any suspicious cyber or physical security incident using any smartphone, significantly reducing the incident detection time to seconds.

Secure Messenger

The platform offers a secure chat capability to allow direct communication between teams responsible for incident response.

Large Threat Data Libraries

Offers large libraries of malware, threat actors, vulnerabilities, and incidents and breaches, updated every hour.

Noise removal

Near-zero noise as platform learns and improves alert quality over time through user behavior and actions.

Cyber Risk Index

Allows organizations to monitor their cyber risk level through a specialized score and identify the weak links only to convert them into robust walls.

Historical data

All past alerts are available to search in case of historical reference of similar alerts is required.

Centralized dashboard

Offers a well-refined, robust SaaS-based platform that allows content customization, full-featured management dashboards / reporting, and an integrated view into the user actions.

Performance Metrics

Offers detailed metrics with measurable outcomes to compile executive reports in the dashboard. Report Customization feature allows the enterprises to move ahead of the traditional “One Size Fits All” approach and track issues specific to their own cyber ecosystem.


CSAP seamlessly integrates with several core IT and Security platforms, allowing companies to pull alerts related to critical security events or send incident/intel data reported by users.

Other Key Features

Automatic/self-destruction of any update (ephemeral messages) to allow secure sharing of sensitive information. Fine Grain access user control to allow organizations to manage user level access permission.


Centralized information management

For easy and efficient dissemination of strategic threat intelligence and security updates.

Integrated security communication

In both normal, day-to-day operations and during an incident or crisis.

End-user incident reporting

Through smartphone, turning them into Human Sensors, eyes and ears of the organizational cyber security apparatus.

Real-time delivery

Of alerts, notifications, and warnings to ensure timely sharing of potential and actual threats and catalyze action.

Mobile-based intelligence sharing

Within a structured and secure environment to ensure effective response to threats as they arise.

Secure messaging

For real-time collaboration and coordination on implementing protective measures, preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

Effective crisis response

And recovery efforts to all-hazard incidents through real-time alerting and impact assessment.

Reduced incident detection time

From hours to seconds through easy and quick reporting of suspicious cyber and physical security incidents

Seamless integration

Offering ability to inter-operate and connect with other IT and security tools to receive, process, and disseminate relevant alerts to the right person

STIX, CyBox Support

To allow import and export of threat intel data in STIX/TAXII, Cybox and other intel feed sharing formats


  • Noise Elimination

    Triage cyber risks and eliminate noise through real-time actionable updates.

  • Improved Decision Making

    Improve decision making through a better understanding of your environment.

  • Enhanced Learning

    Orchestrate a cyber hygienic work environment through enhanced learning.

  • Threat Identification

    Identify potential threats through improved cyber situational awareness.

  • Incident Reporting

    Report suspicious incidents to security team with attached videos and images.

  • Reduced Dwell Time

    Reduce incident detection time to mere seconds through observe, report and act mechanism.

  • Cyber Awareness

    Marshall the full power of your human resource by raising a cyber aware and empowered workforce.

  • Reduce Cyber Incidents

    Significantly reduce the number of cyber incidents by securing human endpoints.

  • Security First

    Transform your organizational culture to Security First.


Leading financial, healthcare, retail, and energy institutions, multinational corporations, security communities, and government agencies have placed their trust in us. Allow us to show you exactly ‘Why’.

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Leading financial, healthcare, retail, and energy institutions, multinational corporations, security communities, and government agencies have placed their trust in us. Allow us to show you exactly ‘Why’.

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