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Mitigate Threats with Actionable Threat Intelligence Sharing

Mitigate Threats with Actionable Threat Intelligence Sharing

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Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) version 2.1 comes with a new ‘Action’ feature that allows users to create Actions from the CSAP web portal and assign it to other users within their organizations or their vendors, thereby kickstarting a collaboration-driven approach in countering threats.

The feature comes with the following capabilities:

Assign Actions directly from threat alerts: This feature can be used by:

  • Users in an Enterprise can assign Actions to themselves, other security teams in their organization, or to their vendors whom they share vulnerability or malware advisories with. 
  • ISACs/ISAOs can suggest recommended Actions to member organizations, assisting them in taking quick remediation steps before they start their assessment and investigation. 
  • MSSPs can assign Actions to their Clients or their internal response teams based on who handles the incident response. 
  • CERTs can assign Actions to federal, state, local agencies, or their internal security teams on related threats

Manage daily security tasks with free-flowing Actions: CSAP users can now also create and assign independent, free-flowing actions that are not linked to any particular threat alert. The feature has been included in the latest release to streamline and standardize day-to-day mitigation tasks. 

Track all Actions from a single-window web portal: CSAP version 2.1 allows web portal users to view and track all actions created by them, assigned to them or their recipient groups from a single dashboard. 

Close Actions once mitigation is completed: The Action feature allows CSAP users to close Actions once the task is successfully completed.

Initiate discussions on Actions through integrated comment board: The Action feature comes integrated with a comment board where the CSAP Users from the assigned recipient groups can initiate discussions related to the threat and share progress updates.

Summary: The Action feature enables organizations to operationalize strategic threat intelligence sharing. With CSAP version 2.1, now organizations can move away from the slow, delayed, incomplete, and reactive strategies towards a proactive, efficient, streamlined, and result-oriented strategy.


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Posted on: May 01, 2020

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