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Secure messaging - a necessity not an option

Secure messaging - a necessity not an option

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A little over decade or so ago, when the internet was still young, the most trusted and fastest way of communicating online was via email. Whether for private or business use, emails became synonymous with online communication.

However, as technology advanced, various instant messaging applications began to cropp up, giving users a wide variety of options to send and receive messages as quickly as possible. However, as technology advanced, so did cybercriminals.

People’s private communications increasingly became attractive data to be harvested by cybercriminals. This has sparked one of the most vital security debates in modern times and also necessitated the use of secure communication platforms.

Security and speed go hand in hand

Today, security - not just speed - are the need of the hour in terms of communications.  Alongside technology, cyberthreats have advanced at alarming levels with cybercriminals creating  numerous mobile malware variants that specifically target devices, operating systems as well as different types of messaging apps.

This phenomenon has further necessitated the use of secure communication platforms.

More and more consumers are choosing to arm their devices with reliable security measures to keep their private and sensitive data safe from attackers. People are also no longer content to just use any instant messaging app.

Secure communication platforms are vital for corporations primarily because of the wealth of sensitive and proprietary data handled by entities. Whether communicating with clients or with staff members, corporations are obliged to ensure that the content being communicated is sent and received securely.

A truly secure messenger

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform’s (CSAP) custom Secure Messenger is a completely secure communication feature. Cyware’s developers painstakingly created the CSAP Secure Messenger feature for organizations that prioritizes both security as well as user comfort.

With CSAP’s Secure Messenger, executives and personnel can send and receive any attachments - be it a simple reminder message or a highly sensitive corporate document. Cyware’s Secure Messenger employs encryption, which means that any information sent is encrypted, even while in transit and in storage. In other words, messages containing sensitive information and security tools, such as malware samples, can be sent securely internally and to other trusted peers in other organizations.

CSAP’s Secure Messenger can only be accessed by authorized account holders and is designed to prevent any intrusion and/or interception of data by malicious entities - making it a completely secure communications platform. CSAP’s Secure Messenger can also be used by different teams within a corporate entity, for real-time collaboration on projects, security resolutions and more.

The CSAP Secure Messenger can also be fully deployed on any corporation’s infrastructure. This allows all employees the ability to securely access the Secure Messenger feature via the company’s single sign-on (SSO) session. In other words, executives and/or staff members would only have to login once to access the CSAP web app as well as their secure communications. Secure Messenger’s SSO feature ensures both security, verifying the individual logging in, as well as saves time by rendering multiple sign-in attempts unnecessary.

Corporations that incorporate the CSAP Secure Messenger within their infrastructure will also have complete control over their data, with all communications, logs and databases stored within the firm’s internal perimeter. This means that all the firm’s data will be locked in within its network, blocking out any unauthorized access by all third-parties.

Secure communication is vital for corporations, as it allows executives and/or staff members to collaborate on security as well as projects securely. Cyware’s Secure Messenger feature is designed to be a perfect fit for any corporation’s secure communications needs and enhance their productivity and security.


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Posted on: July 25, 2018

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