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Shape the Visual Identity of Your SecOps with Cyware's New Threat Response Dashboard

Shape the Visual Identity of Your SecOps with Cyware's New Threat Response Dashboard

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The Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR) serves as the home of an organization’s integrated security operations. CFTR now makes the lives of the executive and security teams even easier with the new Dashboard that brings the most relevant insights and data points to guide their daily workflows.

Key upsides
The CFTR Dashboard has been revamped with utility, aesthetics, and ease of use in mind which results in numerous benefits for users such as:  

  • Improved real-time visibility and accessibility to KPIs with custom widgets, categorized layouts, and scheduled dashboard reports.
  • Contextualized security metrics based on your role and organizational requirements using Custom Dashboards.
  • Enhanced security communication by exporting dashboards to share it with various stakeholders.
  • Collective visibility for security teams through Rotating Dashboards.
  • Easier governance and analysis for CISOs and other decision makers by providing a snapshot of the entire security posture in a visual manner. 
  • Accelerated incident triaging helping security professionals with date range filters, charting options, and custom sharing based on contextual insights.

What’s new?
The CFTR Dashboard focuses on improving accessibility and flexibility while providing an aesthetic uplift. This has been achieved with several new additions such as:

  • Custom Dashboard - Apart from the Incident Dashboard, Key Metrics, Asset Risk Metrics, and CISO Dashboard, CFTR users can create their own custom dashboard by choosing from a broad selection of layouts and widgets.
  • Static/Rotating Dashboard - CFTR users can choose between a static or a rotating dashboard that switches between different dashboards, each displaying a different group of widgets, at a set interval.
  • Dark mode - Keeping in mind the individual preferences and requirements of different users, CFTR now allows you to choose between the Light and Dark modes. The Dark mode reduces eye strain and helps people with light sensitivity or visual impairment.
  • Hero cards - To view their key operational metrics at a glance, CFTR users can enhance their layouts by adding widgets in the form of cards to their custom dashboards from the Add Overview widget section.
  • Chart options - CFTR enables users to leverage different visual representations of any metric by choosing between a list of chart types such as Bubble, Area, Line, Pie, and others.
  • View All - While Dashboards provide a bird’s eye view of your key metrics, you can also dive deeper into a particular widget using the View All option. This allows you to sort Incidents alphabetically or count-wise and filter them based on factors such as Location, Business Unit, Date, and Time.

The takeaway
In today’s fast-paced cyber threat environment, security teams need to constantly monitor their security posture and the efficiency of their threat response activities. By improving access to relevant security data and highlighting actionable insights, CFTR Dashboard helps them align their decisions in harmony with their security strategies.

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Posted on: June 18, 2021

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