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Share Threat Alerts with Your Trusted Virtual Network in Real-Time Using CSAP

Share Threat Alerts with Your Trusted Virtual Network in Real-Time Using CSAP

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Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) is a unique 24/7, online information-sharing platform for organizations to share alerts in real-time regarding a physical or cyber security incident with employees via web, email or smartphone. Now, a new feature has been added to help an organization easily share and receive threat intelligence through their virtually trusted network of peer companies, clients, vendors and more.

Now, CSAP has been equipped with a new feature that allows these alerts to be shared with multiple tenants. A primary company can now create a virtual trusted network of companies linked to its business, industry peers, third-party vendors, clients and more with whom they can share these cyber or physical security alerts.

For example, a fictitious major retail company named Reality Stone Global Groups deals with multiple third-party companies such as vendors, suppliers, distributors and more to which it outsources its services such as data management, mailing services, IT audits, contract manufacturing, marketing, etc. Using CSAP, Reality Stone can create an alert based on information made available through CSAP or based on a new incident and push to their employees. Further, Reality Stone can send these relevant alerts to third-party companies associated with their business or services, peer companies within the same industry or across sectors, clients or any other trusted organization within their unique community network, who also uses CSAP for internal information sharing.

How does it work?

Let us examine a scenario in which Reality Stone has been alerted of a new phishing email targeting the retail industry. The phishing email tricks users into divulging their login credentials by prompting them to view changes made to their upcoming salary and payslip by clicking on a malicious link. Reality Stone was first made aware of the incident after one of its employees filed an incident report using CSAP by including details such as the sender address, email language and text, the malicious URL and other important information.

Reality Stone can immediately craft an alert regarding the phishing attempt and push it to its employees in real-time warning them against clicking through such emails and report them if they come across similar instances. The company can also send the same alert to CSAP instance of its third-party vendors and companies whose employees may also come across similar emails.

?Many cyber criminals look to target third-party companies that have inadequate or lax security controls as a gateway to infiltrate their primary target.

According to a recent study by Soha Systems, 63% of all data breaches result from attacks launched on or via third-party vendors rather that direct penetration of a primary target. To prevent companies from falling victim of such attacks, Cyware Labs added this new feature to allow them to share outside their company perimeters and build a virtual trusted network by connecting their CSAP instances.


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Posted on: May 12, 2018

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