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Threat Defender Collaboration: Bridging the Silos in Threat Detection and Cyber Defense

Threat Defender Collaboration: Bridging the Silos in Threat Detection and Cyber Defense

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In today’s high-threat, high-stakes security landscape, how can organizations share and collaborate seamlessly on threat detection, defense, and response activities? To bridge silos between threat defenders across organizations, Cyware has introduced a new capability called “Threat Defender Library” in its threat advisory sharing and security collaboration platform (CSAP). Threat Defender Library enables SOC, threat hunting, threat intelligence, and incident response teams across organizations and industry sectors to share critical threat defender resources, including threat detection files, threat response automation rules, and threat analytics files.

All About Threat Defender Library

CSAP’s Threat Defender Library serves as an exclusive repository that helps security teams store and share threat detection files, threat response automation rules, and threat analytics files. Thus, fostering security collaboration between organizations across information-sharing communities (ISACs, ISAO, and Private Information Sharing Communities). Using the threat defender repository feature, security teams can:

Quickly detect and respond: The Threat Defender Library enhances an organization’s existing threat defense, threat hunting, and threat detection/response workflows to empower security teams operating in silos to detect and respond to organization-specific threats rapidly.

Build personalized repository: The Threat Defender Library comes with out-of-the-box templates that security teams can leverage to build their own repository of threat defense files and tools, visualize critical metrics, and share it with security teams from other organizations in real time. Also, they can use the content from Cyware Repo and customize it for their own needs.

Make use of proven threat defender resources: With the help of this repository, security teams can create, upload, maintain, and share
  • SIEM rules files 
  • Threat detection files, including YARA Rules, Sigma Rules, log sources, Suricata, Snort Rules, and more
  • Analytics files such as CAR 
  • Automated playbooks
  • MITRE ATT&CK data, including tactics, techniques, and sub-techniques. 

How Does Threat Defender Library Promote Defender Collaboration?

Gone are the days when security collaboration was restricted to threat intelligence sharing. With Threat Defender Library, Cyware enables security teams to share Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), along with threat detection and defense files to proactively alleviate threats. It allows organizations across multiple sectors to join forces and learn threat detection and mitigation strategies from one another to collaboratively defend against the threats.

The Threat Defender Library helps security teams with: 

  • Enhanced Threat Response: Security teams across industry sectors can gain visibility using proven threat detection and mitigation strategies shared by other security teams. This helps them quickly respond to organization-specific threats by reusing shared threat resources. Moreover, they can mitigate common threats and act faster by leveraging shared threat analysis and detection files, such as SIEM Rules, into deployed SIEM or XDR platforms. 

  • Faster Threat Analysis: Threat Defender Library allows security teams to search and use the defender files associated with the threat intelligence they may be working upon. This considerably reduces the time and effort spent in analyzing and developing mitigation strategies for the threats. 

  • Enhanced Threat Detection and Visibility: Security teams can now visualize a centralized mapping of threats and detection content against the tactics used by threat actors. The Threat Defender Library supports sharing of MITRE’s ATT&CK framework tactics, techniques, and sub-techniques, enabling security teams to identify and track threat actor trajectory.

Ready to Collaborate?

Even when businesses have an effective security program in place, they often ignore the power of security collaboration. With cyber threats emerging from every nook and cranny, threat defenders can get overwhelmed fighting them on their own. Therefore, it is imperative that cyber defenders collaborate and share threat mitigation strategies to facilitate a better defense against burgeoning cyber threats. 

To know more about Cyware’s Threat Defender Library and how it can be a force multiplier to your threat detection and response capabilities, book a free demo today.


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Posted on: October 03, 2022

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