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Why Wait? Use CSAP to Send and Receive Detailed Threat Data via Attachments Directly in Your Inbox

Why Wait? Use CSAP to Send and Receive Detailed Threat Data via Attachments Directly in Your Inbox

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Cyware Situational Awareness Platform is a comprehensive, 24/7 information-sharing platform leveraged by organizations to share related cyber and physical threat alerts in real-time with their employees and colleagues via web, smartphone or email.

What’s New?

To enhance its ease-of-use and streamlined capabilities, a new feature has been added to allow analysts to share even more detailed information via alerts using attachments. The latest version of CSAP allows users to create and share relevant threat alerts with attachments via email with their colleagues and trusted network of peers.

For instance, a SecOps analyst is tasked with sending an email alert to all executives and employees regarding a recent data breach affecting their company, a fictitious financial firm named Gordon and Sons Inc. To enhance the alert, he also needs to send additional documentation regarding the breach including a report on mitigation efforts taken by the company, a second report on affected devices and patches implemented, and a video on cybersecurity hygiene and best practices.

Using CSAP, the researcher can create the alert and attach all documents by uploading them directly to the platform. Alternatively, he can attach them from CSAP’s document bank if the files were uploaded earlier. Employees who receive the data breach alert in their inbox will be able to view the content within the body of the email in a simple, easy-to-read format. Additionally, they will also receive the documents and videos attached to the email alert as well without having to sign into CSAP and download them separately.

Why is This a Big Deal?

CSAP users no longer have to sign into CSAP’s web or mobile app to download and view these attachments. They can now receive the attachments directly in their inbox, readily available for them to read on their mobile devices, analyze and immediately share with their colleagues and peers.

We have added this new feature because we believe the exchange of valuable threat intelligence - both cyber and physical - should be a simple, seamless and informative experience. Leveraging this new feature, CSAP users who send and receive threat alerts via email can quickly view, absorb and start implementing this valuable information to create new and robust mitigation strategies to safeguard key systems and end-users without wasting precious time.


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Posted on: June 19, 2018

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