Share Receive Action
Threat Intelligence
on Mobile

Share Threat Intelligence on Mobile

Optimize Intel Sharing and Security Alerting with Mobile

Cyware’s mobile solution enables organizations to share, receive, and take actions on threat intelligence directly from their mobile devices. The technology architecture of the Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP) mobile app serves as a single-point alert aggregation layer for all threat alerts and intelligence sources.

Organizations can collect security alerts and threat intelligence from all technologies deployed on cloud and on-premise environments. The CSAP mobile app facilitates automated ingestion of threat alerts and intelligence from external sources such as ISACs/ISAOs, commercial threat intelligence providers, regulatory bodies (like DHS), OSINT sources, dark web, CERTs, and many others.

The CSAP mobile app powers human-to-human and machine-to-human collaboration by allowing security teams to share incidents and intelligence through automated delivery of role, location, and sector-based alerts within seconds.

ISAC/ISAO Use Cases & Benefits

  • Collect threat alerts from members and non-member sources
  • Alert members in real-time on their mobile devices
  • Share enriched and anonymized incidents and intel with members
  • Enable members to share threat intel via mobile devices
ISAC/ISAO Use Cases & Benefits
Enterprise Use Cases & Benefits

Enterprise Use Cases & Benefits

  • Aggregate threat alerts from the cloud and on-premise technologies
  • Share role, location, and sector-based threat alerts
  • Alert security teams, industry peers, and vendors in real-time
  • Take remote actions on threat alerts directly from mobile device

MSSP Use Cases & Benefits

  • Automate delivery of security alerts to clients from detection technologies
  • Enable clients to share advisories and intel via mobile devices
  • Foster threat data knowledge sharing between clients
MSSP Use Cases & Benefits