Since the past few months, the educational sector has been a hot target of cyberattackers. Besides the infamous Blackbaud cyber incident, academic institutions have also witnessed threats of various kinds, including ransomware attacks, data theft, and espionage attacks.

Blackbaud attack and its ripple effects

The ripple effects of the data breach at Blackbaud are still visible. It has affected more than 200 institutions of renowned academic institutions across four continents.
  • Recently, various educational institutions including Kent State University, DePaul University, confirmed being impacted in the Blackbaud attack.
  • At the beginning of August, the University of Texas at Austin, Boy Scouts of America, the Texas Tech Foundation also notified victims about being impacted.

Ransomware attacks 

Several other ransomware have been targeting various universities, schools or other organizations in the educational sector

Targeted APT attacks

Between May and July, the Russian advanced persistent threat group APT29 attempted to steal coronavirus related research and intellectual property from governments, universities, private companies, and researchers to steal coronavirus related research secrets.

Other incidents and threats

There have been several additional types of cyberattacks targeting educational institutions in the past few months.

In essence

Hackers are probably minting on the fact that the education sector is an under performer when it comes to security against cyber threats. In wake of this reent incidents, it becomes even more important for universities to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from all kinds of cyberattacks.

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