Microsoft has disclosed information regarding a previously undetected malware, FoxBlade, that was used to target Ukrainian entities even before Russia invade with tanks and missiles.

What has happened?

The FoxBlade malware attacks started several hours before the Russian forces had begun invading Ukraine.
  • The malware uses a PC for DDoS attacks without the user’s knowledge. 
  • Within three hours of its discovery, Microsoft's experts had written signatures to help identify the malware.

Supporting actions by Microsoft

Upon understanding the threat it poses, Microsoft instantly advised the Ukrainian government about the ongoing attacks. Further, the firm provided technical advice on how to identify and mitigate the malicious code.

Additional insights

FoxBlade is not the first threat that was identified at this time which was used in attacks against Ukrainian entities. 

Concluding notes

The FoxBlade attacks seem to be related to the region’s geopolitics and the current situation in Ukraine. People are requested to watch out for this space as it turns chaotic day by day. Do not forget to act upon the advisory shared by Microsoft.
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