A group of hackers believed to be from Russia has targeted multiple Lithuanian government websites. Operating under the name of Killnet, one of its cyberattacks at a Latvian broadcasting center lasted for 12 hours.

Killnet targeted Latvia

On the basis of a video message posted on the group’s Telegram channel, the attacks are a response to Lithuanian sanctions on Russia after the country’s military invasion of the Ukrainian region.
  • The video made a demand that Lithuania must allow transit of goods to Kaliningrad if they wanted to avoid more attacks on their government institutions and private businesses.
  • One of the targeted websites belongs to Lithuania’s State Tax Inspectorate (STI) and B1.lt (an accounting service provider). The websites of both of these entities are still down.

More insights

Killnet claims to have taken down Lithuania’s e-government services and national police as well. However, the websites belonging to both targets are now working fine.
  • The group seems to be behind cyberattacks on Romania, Czechia, and Germany. 
  • Killnet had targeted the Eurovision Song Contest website during Ukraine’s performance, which was stopped by the Italian Police.

Killnet has been active since the beginning of 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine, with Five Eyes agencies issuing warnings regarding its attacks.


Russia-affiliated threat actors have been very active since the invasion of Ukraine. Cybersecurity authorities and agencies from around the world are suggesting hardening cyber defenses and fulfilling due diligence in identifying malicious activity.
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