The government agency of Russia, FSB, has claimed that it has dismantled the infamous REvil ransomware group responsible for a supply chain attack against Kaseya, and a ransomware attack against JBS Foods.

Russia strikes REvil

A police operation was carried out by Russian authorities after a request from U.S. law enforcement agencies that shared information about members of the group.
  • The FSB first established the full composition of the REvil community and its crime of being involved in the illegal and malicious circulation of ransom payment and other illegal actions.
  • Due to the joint actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and FSB, the group’s infrastructure has been dismantled.

Additional information

The arrested members were charged with committing crimes of illegal circulation of means of payment, according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Police arrested 14 alleged members of the group by raiding at 25 addresses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and several other regions.
  • The agency also claimed to have found 20 luxury cars and seized over one million dollars in U.S. currency, euros, bitcoin, and rubles.


REvil has boasted of its evil deeds and been a highly threatening group for a majority of industries. The world is looking at this crackdown as a major positive development toward curbing criminal activities by cyber adversaries.

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